specially for those interested in the CitySites franchise, we have prepared a series of materials, which should help to understand the essence of this business. He holds on three whales: advertising sales (profit), technical development (urban online platform) and journalism (content).

The first article of the series will talk about profit: how can a project make money?

Any the site can potentially be profitable to the owner. Profit margin depends on the model of earnings, the focus on advertising sales, how much the site has visitors, etc. So the city sites from CitySites develop at the expense of the profit that the project owners receive, by placing ads.

Why sell ads on a city site?

Sale advertising is the only way that exists at the moment earnings, and no other ways to earn money on a city site, yes and sites in general, we do not recommend using. Given this fact the site was originally designed with the optimal balance of content / advertising.

How to sell ads on the city’s website and in the app, what are the average checks?

Processes advertising sales, in fact, are slightly different even in our network city affiliate sites. Some sales managers prefer aggressive sales, someone relies on cold calls, and someone prefers the maximum of personal acquaintances received on various specialized conferences. In this material we will be talk about a generalized work model that you yourself can adapt for yourself after a certain period of cooperation with us.

What is a sales team?

Department Sales is a team of advertising sales managers led by Head of Sales (ROP). At the beginning of the work of the site usually The head of the sales department is the site owner personally or hired Executive Director. The number of employees depends on the population. cities. At a minimum, these are 3 employees, there is no upper bar. For million-plus cities are from 20 managers.

What are the responsibilities of an advertising sales manager?

The main and most obvious one is to sell ads on your city site. How to do it? Pretty simple:

  • find a customer;
  • conclude a contract.

You smiled now, but usually this is exactly what happens. Let's answer the questions that you might have.

How to find a customer?

all potential advertisers can be divided into conditional groups: clubs, courses, medicine, taxis, restaurants, etc. These directions are distributed between sales staff, which immediately eliminates the possibility work of several managers with one client.

Having received direction, the manager collects the customer base for x