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Directory of companies

Create a page of your company and get more target customers - residents of your city. The company's page will answer the most important questions: who you are, what you offer and how to find you.

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Promotional articles

Tell clients about your company. Publication on the site of the city has a cumulative effect: they write about you - they talk about you - they want to work with you.

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Banner advertising

A banner on the city’s website is a quick way to tell the customer about the most important things and bring traffic to your website.

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Special projects

Attract the attention of users and do it on a large scale. We use non-standard visualization and technical solutions in the campaign, which is placed in the structure of the site and sent to reach the audience.

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Social networks

Increase your brand awareness. Get guaranteed coverage of an advertising post from your target audience.

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Native advertising

Create effective communication with customer posting attractive content: polls, tests, video, and voice of the city.

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