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- this is a startup who grew up in international business.
Our idea — is to unite the urban community for a comfortable, interesting life and productive business within the web city.Our goal — is to spread the platform to every city.

Our values

Our development department located in Ukraine
Our highest priority — is the stable platform operation
We keep low threshold for our partners
We work on maximum automation of processes
We always listen to influencers of all industries and learn with pleasure
We are tolerant to any opinion or culture


We help start a business on the Internet. For this we provide Urban site platform and Android and iOS mobile apps.
We help to develop business in the future. For this we have a team expert and proven business model.
If you want to be our partner, let's start by discussing tasks.

History of CitySites

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The first one project was created. At the very beginning it was developed as non-commercial and contained just news and forum.


Attendance of a resource reaches 5000 unique visitors every day. The project has become commercial and the first sales manager has been hired.


A decision of expanding the success of in other cities of Ukraine has been made. CitySites company has been founded. Business processes are developed to found branches in all the states' capitals of Ukraine.


Four branches have been founded. Company faced furst difficulties and specifics of each city. Somewhere, online advertising market had to be developed from the ground.


First one site was opened in a city with the population over one million people - in Kharkov.

First one site was created on terms of franchising.


First site was launched abroad Ukraine.


First site was launched in Belarus.


City sites were totally re-designed to step forward with their usability. Number and quality of advertising services were also improved.


CitySites entered Kazakhstan market.

Android and iOS apps were developed.


First site was launched in Armenia.


Opening of the first sites in the Comoros.

An Intensive training program was being developed for new network partners.
The third major update of the CitySites platform was released.


First sites were launched in EU countries.


First site was launched in Canada.

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