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What is the business directory?

When somebody wants to find out about good or service — he searches in google. When he is ready to order a service or buy an item — he opens a directory, where companies have their own rating and reviews.

Directory is a catalog with information about companies of the city. Basically, it is a set of webpages with information about companies, sorted by industries.

If you propose services throughout the country, we can place you in the directory of all cities.

Our website visitors are your customers

Communicate with your target audience across the city and country.

Our goal is not just traffic to the “Directory”. Our guideline is to make your company interesting to the user, so he could make a purchase in a couple of clicks!

Relevant content within the city is the key to our success. We attract organic traffic to our site — you generate customers.

Separate page
You get a separate page, which is indexed by search engines. This is another one opportunity to swap competitors from the TOP of search results.
Goods and services placement
We create a page for each item and service. Premium page gives an opportunity to make an order through our resource, it's not necessary to have your own website.
Placement in teaser
You can place your company in the teaser of enterprises and increase the popularity of your company. Teaser is an ad unit on the city website, which is present on almost all pages.
More orders
If you work properly with your page in the directory, you get ratings and feedback from people and move ahead of competitors. And that means you get more orders from site visitors.
Visitors of our websites are real people. That means, feedback will also be real. Thank people for positive reviews, neutralize negative ones and you will see the growth of your reputation.
Presence on the main page
You can also place your company to the special unit of main page, which will increase your popularity.

Appearance of the page in the directory

How is the page created

1. Information
Our manager gets necessary information from you to create a page. Based on existing information, the page is filled up with unique description of all interesting subcategiries.
2. Design
Manager forms technical task for designer who works on decoration of the page. Unique design is created
3. Editing
You have access to personal administrative area where you can manually add or edit content of your page.

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