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Promotional articles

Advertising article (content-marketing) is a text, which is written in order to make item or service more interesting for customers.

The most important thing Is that article should not praise something and call to buy it. The main goal is to form certain interest. And if the customer is interested – he will decide himself, buy or not.

How does content-marketing work

1. Sales stimulation

When something new appears on the market, user usually doesn’t know, how to use it and what are the benefits of using such a stuff. The goal of advertising article is to explain those advantages. It can be:

Step-by-step manual on how to use – if you made something usable;
Presentation of the result of usage;
Form a new appearance of the person — if you’re connected to the beauty industry;

2. Increasing popularity of the resource

New website will not reach the top as is. In needs certain search engine reputation, and we are ready to share our reputation unmarking “nofollow” checkbox.
Cooperation with mass media acts like a snowball. You are written about, you are discussed – you are wanted to cooperate. More publications – more action around the company.

People don’t buy goods – they buy the way of life.

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