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Business model

Welcome to the workshop of CitySites. We are goint to share with you our proven "Business-recipe".

Follow our instructions

It doesn't mean that you are forbidden to try something new. Vice versa, it would be better to do that as a part of proven procedures.

Work personally on that business

Spend about 99.9% of your time for the purposes of company. Especially on the first stages of project growth.

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City website and mobile app are the parts of business,

which is based on online advertising. Such sites don't need any expences on its maintenance and have steady demand.

Model of business

Opening business
Launching the website
Updating the directory
Creation of unique news
Work on social networks
Filling the website with photo and video content
Sales of advertising


Director of website
You or hired person
Editorial team
From 1 to 5 employees. They post news to the website, create special projects. Salary depends on the number of published news.
Sales department
From 2 to 20 managers. They negotiate with advertisers, salary depends significantly on their own sales.

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