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As everyone knows, each person has his own source of income. Someone prefers to walk or go to work five days a week and, unfortunately, is far from always a pleasure. So for an unloved occupation are days, months, years. Nothing changes, since no one accepts even the slightest attempt to change things for the better.

Other people prefer to develop their own business and work for themselves. Which option to choose is up to you. Do you want to work for another person eight or nine hours a day, while receiving scanty money - this is exclusively your choice, no one will condemn. But if you want and strive to open your own business, to keep everything under control, if you are not afraid of any additional difficulties and worries, feel free to go to your cherished goal.

What is better inexpensive ready-made business or starting a business from scratch?

No one in our time will deny that an inexpensive ready-made business is an excellent alternative to decent earnings according to an already proven scheme. Well, if the business still brings pleasure, in addition to income, what could be better ?! Have you been dreaming of becoming a businessman for a long time? Then to buy a turnkey ready-made business is the best way to ease your start. And easily save yourself from a number of problems:

  • A huge portion of paperwork;
  • Search for various workrooms;
  • Search for the necessary equipment;

If you think that it is difficult or illegal to buy a ready-made profitable business that will give you a certain and tested base, we hasten to assure you of the opposite. After all, this happens by the full and mutual agreement of both parties.

Ready profitable business, or what its cost depends on

A criterion such as a “ready business price” depends on a number of different factors. If we talk about the process of assessing the value of a business for sale or purchase, the following factors are important:

  • What is the scope of the company and the demand for customers;
  • How many organizations exist in the market;
  • Stage of development;
  • Does the company make a profit;

Where to buy a ready-made business?

If you ask a modern businessman how he opened and developed his business, be sure to hear something in the likeness: “I just bought a ready-made business.” This will be the right and best answer, because such an offer for small businesses is the most optimal, especially in our time.

If we take the last 5-10 years as an example, it is worth noting that the information business is in great demand, which, among other things, has quite a decent chance of becoming an attractive investment segment. It is unlikely that someone will be against earning according to an already proven successful scheme. In this case, we are talking about a well-chosen franchise of the information business, in particular, the franchise of city online portals CitySites.

CitySites - turnkey ready-made profitable business

Let's get to know each other better. We are a modern, dynamically developing and rapidly growing international company. We have been on the market for more than ten years. During this time, we managed to create more than 158 successful online portals for various cities, 14 countries of the world. Our offices are not only in Ukraine, Kazakhstan etc.

If you want to buy a ready-made business from us, I would immediately like to note several advantages of this acquisition:

You are guaranteed to protect yourself from errors that may arise during the opening and development of a business from scratch;

The brand is well-known, the business is interesting, it works perfectly, it brings income, easy to manage;

There is no need to spend free time on solving organizational issues;

Payback period from nine to thirteen months;

The staff is formed and ready to work; and much more.

Note that the franchise successfully works throughout Russia and quickly pays off! Do not put off until later what you can buy and develop in pleasure today!

partners cooperate with us
countries around the world
2 million
visitors per day
10 years
in the media market
CitySites has been a leader in the development of urban sites for more than 10 years.
We began our journey in 2006 and to this day We are reliable partners for 150+ customers around the world! We are constantly developing our network customers, working on the principle - Our partners success - our success!

History of the company

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The first one project was created. At the very beginning it was developed as non-commercial and contained just news and forum.


Attendance of a resource reaches 5000 unique visitors every day. The project has become commercial and the first sales manager has been hired.


A decision of expanding the success of in other cities of Ukraine has been made. CitySites company has been founded. Business processes are developed to found branches in all the states' capitals of Ukraine.


Four branches have been founded. Company faced furst difficulties and specifics of each city. Somewhere, online advertising market had to be developed from the ground.


First one site was opened in a city with the population over one million people - in Kharkov.

First one site was created on terms of franchising.


First site was launched abroad Ukraine.


First site was launched in Belarus.


City sites were totally re-designed to step forward with their usability. Number and quality of advertising services were also improved.


CitySites entered Kazakhstan market.

Android and iOS apps were developed.


First site was launched in Armenia.


Opening of the first sites in the Comoros.

An Intensive training program was being developed for new network partners.
The third major update of the CitySites platform was released.


First sites were launched in EU countries.


First site was launched in Canada.

Company founders

Under their leadership, more than 200 people work to ensure that you are successful

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