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Stages of launch

Our team is ready to make the process of franchise launch clear and easy from the first touch. It's designed to keep you informed about all thte improvements and know everything about your achievements.

How will it happen?

Launch the city website
Create mobile application
We share our business model
Appoint personal assistant
Educate you and your employees
Eliminate errors
Update our platform regularly

Your work is begun from this stage

Form sales department and editorial team
Write news related to your city
Fill sections with information
Sell advertising to the website and mobile applications

How do we support our franchisees?

We are with you from the very beginning
We support you completely during the launch of website. Our team is at your disposal from helping to launch project to teaching you all the skills needed. At the moment the website is launched, our business consultant will share our experience and teach you according to our educational program.
Your success influences on our reputation.
Our franchisees grow rapidly, as their achievements and motivation grow stronger with our support. As soon as we understand your goals, our experienced tean from the CitySites Global headquarters will lead you through the way of creating the best website of your city.
Experience, that we are ready to share with you
Our team is confident about all the aspects of building successfull business: journalism, sales, technologies and marketing. They are well-informed, so they can resolve every problem occured during launching and working with CitySites Global franchise.


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