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What is more profitable: franchise or project from scratch

Criteria Franchise Footer logo Own project
Project costs The cost of the project "Franchise CitySites" The cost of the project "Your own project"
Preparation period 1 month 8 to 18 months
Development of business processes Included into the price Subject to additional payment
Advertising campaigns Included into the price Subject to additional payment
Personnel training Monthly Subject to additional payment
Project related consultations Included into the price Subject to additional payment
Upgrading the website and the applications Included into the price Subject to additional payment
Option of additional income Sales over the entire network Not available

A complex approach

Our task is to promote the development of our partners' business. We are glad cooperation and are ready to offer you a ready-made set of tools depending on your needs.
For a more accurate and complete business plan for your city, fill in the form on the right. or contact our franchise manager

Launch stages

1. Send a request
Manager will contact you and answer all your questions
2. Get all the information
Manager will send you all the necessary documents.
3. Sign a franchise agreement
And pay initial franchise fee
4. Get the website, Android and iOS apps
During the day, we will prepare the site and the application, and fill them with basic information within a month
5. Study the material
You will have guides for the manager and employees in the boxed version
6. Find the office
This is the main condition for comfortable work of your future team
7. Hire employees
We will explain how to do it or we will do everything instead of you
8. Open the website of your city

What you receive

1. Turnkey business with all necessary documents
City site
Android and iOS mobile apps
Individual business model
Project Curator
Reporting Forms
Package of contracts for work with future customers
Job specification, job profiles and position description
2. Access to online university
Educational materials for Chiefs
Educational materials for managers
Educational materials for journalists
Educational materials for content managers

Franchise CitySites

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