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What do we propose

Save time and work more with the website and your employees
Increase recognition and loyalty to your website
Attract more leads to the sales funnel
You get functioning pages in social networks, moderated by a professional
You get more ways to communicate with your potential customers and website traffic growth

What is included in the service

Competitors analysis, finding out target audience, definition of the most effective promotional methods
Conducting of different contests and polls, replying to the comments. Usage of game elements to improve attraction
URL optimization, creation of attractive description, page avatar and background
Analysis of views and visitors statistics, age and geographical characteristics, and 10 more indicators
Design of the content plan, rubricator
Reconsideration of promotional strategy if needed, additions of new tools, changing the goals, debugging the mechanism of attendance improvement
Definition the number of categories, posts, as well as the place and time to post
Development of the personal promotional strategy in social networks
Attraction potential customers using targeting, work with influencers and thematical groups

Prediction of the results

Results are personal for each city and depend a lot on the existing competitors, which are also buying promotion. We predict results in a format "before-after" for $100 budget.

Increasing number of followers
Creating a group of the target audience in the page of any social network that will generate good engagement or be interested in purchasing the services provided by the sites
Increasing posts coverage
Increasing the recognition of brand in a social networks
people will see promoted post
Average result
Increasing of positive loyalty to the brand, which influences positively on the attendance and posts coverage
depending on a type of promoted content

What do you get

Increasing of brand presence in social networks -
constant growth of pages audience and website image
Improvement of communications with the city residents,
this also lets you to receive unique and urgent news.
The possibility of carrying out barter services
with enterprises of the city or organizers of city events, combined sponsorship contests on the community page and much more.
Additional advertising of website services -
premium branded page, articles, etc.
Maximal brand recognition in social networks,
which makes the page an influencer and initiates sales of advertising on a page's wall if there is 10k or more followers.
Increasing of referals to the site

SMM service cost

Service includes:

Filling up with content social networks:

- positive overall (memes); positive city (memes); beautiful photos of the city; survey or question of the day; video; trailers; funny video; night chat; photo reports; top movies; top parties; top news of the week; site sections; pets; music of the day; video on the site; faces of the city.

Initiation and conducting contests, flashmobs;

Comments monitoring:

- spam, obscene language removal, etc;

- constructive communication with followers on behalf of the group administrator;

Control of statistics:

- analysis and work on sections;

- groups promotion;

- attraction new followers.

Delayed posts:

- automated reposting of the news from the website in order to save journalists' time.

Setting up targeting and promoted posts:

- forming target audience;

- promoted posts to attract followers and traffic to a website.

Reporting on the achieved results.

Services Price
Ukraine 5000 UAH/month.
Advertising budget (is a must, paid additionaly) $50 at least.

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