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FAQ regarding work with CitySites franchise

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1. How does the website make money for you?

City websites of CitySites network are grown due to profit made by sales of advertising services. Each website provides you with 11 major sources of profit:

  • Advertising in social media of your city;
  • Premium branded page;
  • Classified ads;
  • Placement in business directory;
  • Banner advertising in mobile applications;
  • Traditional banners on the website;
  • Promotional articles;
  • Placement in Q&A section;
  • Classified ads in sections (for example, Auto, Restaurants, etc);
  • Native advertising;
  • Special projects.

You can always find out from our managers how each of these services works.

2. When will I gain my first income?

In case of following our recommendations, you will cross the break-even point in 3-6 months. This period is counted from the moment of official launch of your website. The project will be paid back in 9-15 months after launch.

3. Is the office needed?

Office is necessary to organize efficient work of your employees, both sales and editorial departments. It ensures more efficient functioning of your project in general. Without the office it won't be able to grow dynamically, as well as it won't be commercially successful.

4. What staff is needed?

Staff recruitement is performed individually and depends on the city population and number of potential customers. Usually, it's from three employees for cities with less that one hundred inhabitants, and from fifteen workers are needed for metropolises.

5. What is the initial fee paid for?

The initial fee is paid for:

  • Development of mobile apps for Android and iOS;
  • Maintenance on the very beginning (it's conducted by the most experienced business development managers of CitySites);
  • Complete tutorial on the business operation (Book of CitySites and access to the online university);
  • Right to work under the brand of CitySites;
  • Set of promotional materials (how to decorate the office, templates for outdoors and online promotion);
  • Development of the website;
  • Educational webinar for partners.
6. What is royalty paid for?

Royalty is paid for:

  • Development and implementation of updates;
  • Technical support;
  • Constant support of your website by our development team;
  • Launch of the project;
  • Updates of forecast, currency exchange rates; horoscope;
  • Constant support on the questions of business maintenance (email or Skype);
  • Constant support and updates to mobile version of website.

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