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News feed editor

An expert with huge experience works with you on setting up efficient work of your editorial team
You get detailed report on work made by your editorial team collaborating with editor
You don't need to dive deeper in journalistic job (it's a plus for you if you've never worked with that)
Your journalists always have an opportunity to consult on creation of attractive and interesting content for the website
You don't have to monitor constantly news feed. Our editor will do that for you
You get increased attendance and interested in your news feed visitors

What is included to this service

Help to build a team.
Determination of the necessary number of editorial staff. The population of the city, the specifics and the number of existing resources are taken into account.
Consulting on the processing of resonant topics,
in order to get the maximum effect from them.
KPI and motivation system formation for journalists,
basing on the budgets for the editorial team.
Joint development of a content plan,
taking into account seasonality, informational preferences of the city.
on the organization of effective work of the editorial office. Optimize the workload of employees. Distribution of duties.
Daily interaction with the editors of the news feed.
Checking the news for compliance with CitySites' stylebook standards. Correction of grammar and stylistic errors of news content.
Assistance in the formation of interesting content,
assistance in working with news. The result is attracting new readers and visitors to the site.

The cost of the service of the news fee editor

The average time of the editorial board formation is about 6 months. In general case, this time is sufficient for training journalists and a steady influx of new readers.

For periodic monitoring of the news feed quality, we recommend conducting a detailed audit. This will help in time to react to any fluctuations in news traffic.

It is recommended to conduct an audit every one to two months.

Country Price
Ukraine 5 000 UAH/month
Russia 10 000 RUR/month

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