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Why our HR team?

The success of your site will depend on well-chosen staff.

Narrow specialization of the HR-team for the specifics of the site’s work ensures high quality of personnel selection and assessment. We know the nuances of working in this area, so we have precisely created a portrait of the ideal employee in your office!

Assistance with hiring of employees,
their training and certification
Branded assessment and selection of staff technology
Looking for candidates,
taking into account your preferences

What do we take care of?

Online training and certification
of your employees on sales technologies + constant access to a replenished knowledge base;
Enhanced support by a personal HR curator
to solve issues + training your team;
for employees in your new office + the possibility of further hunting;
Drawing up a vacancy
for individual needs of franchisees, taking into account the peculiarities of your city;

Our team deals with all these tasks, having copes with its eye on the necessary candidates.

Every day, our employees look through hundreds of open vacancies, study the scope of business and the needs of employers, so they are always up to date of the latest news in the labor market.

They conduct a personalized job search based on your preferences.

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