Training is the key to buying a franchise. Regardless of the experience and knowledge of the franchisee , he needs information about volume how the site works , and how to give the necessary knowledge and skills to your employees.

That is why CitySites created online university with a huge knowledge base for partners, managers and journalists.

Unified platform of theoretical component, practical lessons, webinars training videos, cases and test tasks aimed at making it as quick and easy as possible get information both at the start of the project, and throughout period of work.

Our The university is open 24 hours 7 days a week. Using it is enough easy to train sales managers with minimal time and without interruption from the workflow. All useful documents are collected here, and the best employees from different sites share experiences, bring real cases .

Training videos - only from professionals in their field, those who have checked all the nuances of work on their own experience.

University structure

Partner Module


This is a large block of information on where to start work and how to effectively build in the future. Particular attention is paid to the search and training of personnel. Consists of several sections:

  • Great working examples of native advertising, a checklist for daily work with social networks and much more.
  • Instructions for the manager on establishing a work system, sales management, job descriptions for staff.
  • Video tutorials on working with the administrative panel of the site, as well as helpful documents, instructions, and answers to frequently asked questions ( FAQ ).
  • Organizational questions: starting from the calculation of the cost of opening an office, approximate sizes and layouts of furniture, and ending with evaluation criteria work of managers and journalists (how to pay wages for KPI .
  • Big personnel training complex (how to find employees, how conduct an interview, how to train, how to check KPI etc.)
  • Examples of commercial offers from partners.

Journalism module


Include training materials on how to write news non-trivially and interesting, sample topics of the event feed, as well as the features of their presentation in big cities and cities with a small population.

Module for managers


most comprehensive course, suggesting the possibility of a completely independent training and passing tests based on the result of knowledge gained. Contains a number important topics:

  • Useful documents - sample contracts, rules of ethics of business communication, etc.
  • Internet advertising: its types and features.
  • Familiarity with the site: theory, training, the main points of the site from the inside.
  • Description of advertising services.
  • Calls to customers and handling objections.
  • The book for managers is the most important document, where all the details of the work are collected, controversial issues and methods for solving them are examined.

Weekly modules are updated at the university, new videos and cases from partners. It’s enough to regularly monitor the news on our social networks ( Vkontakte , Facebook , Google+ , Twitter ), and you will always be in the know.


Partners often ask questions and discuss various points of work through social networks. CitySites management is always open to communication.


There is an archive of webinars on a wide variety of topics related to franchise work. By The results of the training provide for testing personnel. And any problematic issues can always be discussed in a forum or in a closed group on social networks for partners.


Company CitySites tried to make the most convenient and useful solution. for training our partners anywhere in the world. Online access CitySites University you receive immediately upon purchase franchises .