Opening a business is always risky. For many of us competing in the industry is one of the most exciting moments. This question is the most relevant for those, who are just at the very beginning of their journey - they decide whether to start their business in this area.

Let's see whether competition is so dangerous, and what benefits can be derived from it launching a city website?

Competition: is it good or bad?

Contrary to popular belief that competition is a negative circumstance for an entrepreneur, we can note that competition forces you to make your product or service the best on the market. For example, Periscope, Meerkat and Snapchat are mobile apps of one niche - online broadcast. They entered the market with a new service. But the competition reasoned that the one who offers the best functions and service to the consumer will win. The online industry changes rapidly, and you probably don’t remember about Meerkat (or even haven’t heard at all), and you hardly use Periscope. Snapchat founders can’t relax either: new technologies come to their heels every day (for example, the live video from Facebook and others).

The presence of competitors is an opportunity to offer consumers something completely new or much more convenient than others. So did Uber. Entering the market with his offer, Uber showed potential customers that it could replace what they have today (i.e., ordinary taxi services). And give people better service than they have now for the same money.

So is it worth worrying about having strong competitors? Our answer is unequivocal - no, and here are the reasons:

  • there are no absolutely identical companies: even in the adjacent industry there are several flagships that differ in individual products, and each of them has its own niche of consumers;
  • The key to success is your individuality and high service. It attracts customers and will help you to beat competitors.

Competition in the field of media and the Internet

So, let's say you want to launch an information site in your city. After researching the market, you conclude that you have several fairly strong competitors in this area - news sites with high traffic.

What benefits of starting your business can you have from this?

Competitors have done some work for you.

After analyzing the content of existing sites and the number of their visitors, we can conclude that it is important for a specific audience. Accordingly, the content of your future site will be based on these preferences. If you doubt whether you can give your readers the right information, we can provide you with additional service of news feed editor. Our qualified editor will train your journalists, create a strategy for writing a news feed and will supervise its implementation in the future. In addition, the company helps to analyze and draw up a plan of work at the initial stage.

Thus, at the start you will get a key advantage to become the number 1 site in the city and attract active readers, providing news in a better format than your competitors.

Content optimization for the needs of the audience is one of the most important tasks for traffic growth. And the main factor in making the site attractive for advertising.

A ready base of advertisers

The old rule “who has information, masters the world” works flawlessly. On the one hand, it’s good to enter the advertising market without any major competitors in the city and offer advertisers a unique service. But in fast information flow and active development of Internet marketing, it is almost impossible.

On the other hand, the pioneers have already done a huge amount of work and found the leading advertisers for their site. Your task is to propose a wide range of promotional opportunities with unique conditions. Getting contacts is a matter of technology, it is important to understand that the client needs advertising and your city website can solve this problem.

There are a lot of sites with good traffic and inefficient advertising business.

Get ahead, surpass the competitors, and make money on advertising can be just a year of work. It is necessary to form a sales department (CitySites helps to train staff and supervise its work at the initial stage) and to ensure the convenience of information consumption by both site visitors and advertising customers.

Making a decision about starting a business in a competitive environment, remember that the key to success and popularity of your brand is satisfied customers and consumers. It is worth concentrating on them in order to improve and grow.

Creating a city site based on the CitySites franchise, you have an opportunity to provide a unique service: a convenient, modern cross-platform website with relevant information about your city.

Your significant advantage will be the availability of the mobile version of the site, as well as the mobile applications for Android and iOS. Today, few information resources can boast a convenient application for smartphones.

And healthy competition is your incentive for your continuous improvement and development!