he entire knowledge base about the CitySites franchise


Internet confidently seeks to take the leading place of the main source of information. Television and newspapers are already many steps behind in the speed of news coverage.

That is why the interests of many businessmen are moving into the sphere of online media, as the most dynamic information platform. In addition to a number of obvious advantages of the news portal, the owner of the site of the city receives several nice bonuses.

Let's look at these advantages on the example of the purchase of the CitySites franchise.

Independent urban media


Most mass media lobby the interests of government officials, politicians or businessmen. Only a few of them exist at their own expense and can afford to provide information independently. Anyway, the media in the city is the mouthpiece of certain financial circles or political forces.

The CitySites franchise site model does not imply financial dependence on anyone, because the site exists at the expense of self-repayment (sales of Internet advertising of various types: placement in the directory of enterprises, banner advertising on the site, advertising articles, paid ads, paid jobs and others).

The task of the sales department is to find the number of clients for the purchase of advertising that is necessary for effective work and development of the portal. The site quickly comes to self-sufficiency due to the active policy of increasing traffic and thoughtful functionality of its monetization.

Of course, political advertising can be published. But it comes with a mandatory “political advertising” plate and is charged at a double rate.

Personal connections and cooperation on barter.

iFRsZATb4xGnPzkxyReBlu95NILwX_Ei.jpgThe source of income of the city’s website is the sale of advertising, but sometimes enterprises and organizations do not have enough finances to buy advertising space. In this case, you can cooperate with them on a barter basis.

The main advantages of barter are the exchange of mutually beneficial services. For example, for the office, you can get office equipment and furniture, create favorable conditions for the work of employees: visiting the gym, foreign language lessons, going to the cinema or teambuilding.

For a franchisee , barter services are provided practically free of charge: you can place an advertising banner when it is empty on the website, or you can offer another type of advertising at no additional cost to the city’s website.

An important factor in successful cooperation is the establishment of personal contacts. Useful contacts in various areas of public and social life are a nice bonus for news site owners.

Impact on public opinion


The CitySites urban portal network has already firmly gained the confidence of readers as an authoritative source of information. Due to a large number of partners, each new site has more chances for fairly rapid recognition by the residents of the city.

With many regular readers, the site of the city can easily organize or support a socially useful event. And, besides PR, useful acquaintances and the dissemination of necessary information, you can also make a profit by placing advertisements about this event from the organizers or simply do a good deed for the city.

Advantages of the official media.


If desired, the franchisee (or in the case of legal requirements), CitySites helps its partners in registering the official media. According to the laws, this gives the right to receive information (for example, on the activities of state organizations), accreditation to cover various events, use of the right to journalistic secrets.


Summing up, we note that the purchase of a franchise of the city’s website is not only a profitable investment in a fast-growing business, but also a number of advantages of an information resource. If, in addition to the profits from advertising, you are aiming to gain influence in the city or bring the necessary information to the masses, then choosing a CitySites franchise is the best solution for your business!