Work on the CitySites franchise begins from the moment of conclusion of the contract between the partners.

Franchisees and franchisors enter into an agreement to use the website. By In essence, this is a lease of a software product (site), according to the terms of which the franchise buyer is engaged in the operation of the resource, owned by the seller.

Standard the contract is drawn up for a period of two years with the possibility of automatic prolongation. This document and its annexes take into account all the nuances partnerships.

Cooperation with CitySites is carried out exclusively within the framework of the agreement. Consider the main points of the contract.

What is the agreement about?


When signing an agreement, the franchisor gives the partner the right to use of software development of an Internet resource. Wherein CitySites is committed to providing advisory assistance regarding the operation of the site and the business as a whole.

Buyer the franchise uses the site according to the conditions and requirements defined in the contract. He also undertakes to make a monthly payment in a timely manner ( royalty ) and follow the directions and instructions for maintaining the site.

List materials that are transmitted with the software product, as well as requirements for filling sections of the site are drawn up in appendices to to the contract.

When buying a standard package, the franchisee receives a set of documents (including training materials), technical work on launching the site and promotional products.

Additional services, such as SEO promotion, news feed editor and SMM services, are executed by partners by signing additional agreements to the contract.

Worth note that the form of this contract is standard for economic activities of different countries. There are no legislative differences fundamental and governed by the Civil and Economic Codes.

Obligations of the parties and terms of termination of the contract


In addition to the above basic obligations of the parties, the franchisor has the following:

  • not transfer the right to use the site to third parties without the written consent of the franchisee;
  • provide access to groups on social networks tied to the site with its internal functionality.

However, the franchise seller has the right :

  • exercise control over the use of the site;
  • conduct advertising campaigns to promote the site;
  • post SEO articles, google adsense blocks, collect google analytics statistics.

Franchisee is committed to:

  • promote the site;
  • not transfer access to corporate data and the administrative area of the site to third parties;
  • ensure the proper quality of all services (works) provided by the city portal.

Agreement may be prematurely terminated at the request of the parties or in case of defaults (for example, poor site maintenance by the user, placing prohibited materials on it, violation law, etc.).

More one factor in the termination of cooperation may be untimely payment of royalties without good reason. If the buyer delays payment for more than 2 months, the franchisor has the right to terminate contract unilaterally.

If the franchisee has such a desire, he is obliged to notify the partner (in in writing) about this no later than a month before the expected date termination of cooperation.

in in case of termination of the contract, the buyer is obligated within 15 calendar days to stop using the site, as well as all CitySites symbols.


Company CitySites at this stage chose the optimal and legally correct path consolidation of relations. Since there is no effective system yet monitoring the implementation of all recommendations of the franchisor. Suggestions for Doing business is more likely to be advisory in nature.