To begin, we offer to understand those trends that will set the pace of journalism development this year.

To do this, we turn to the study of the Reuters institute on the development of media in 2016 . We are waiting for the following:

1. Mobile Web Acceleration

2. Mobile Notification Growth

3. Growth of distributed content on social networks and aggregators

4. Destruction of the TV industry

5. New metrics for video ads and cross-selling on devices

6. The Boom of Podcasts and Audio

7. Online Advertising: Year of the Advertising Apocalypse?

8. Blocker Wars

9. Blockers enter the mobile market

10. Subscription and micro-payment innovations

11. Focus on usefulness and differences from competitors

Based on this, we can draw the following conclusion: modern journalism moves away from the classical model and shifts to the side digital technology. To keep up to date today a journalist must not only create quality content, but also know how to serve it.

1. Need to know your target audience

Use analytics tools and metrics to determine age readers, demographics and gender. Segment based on this data reader base, conduct material testing. Only in this way you can understand what interests the readers and already on the basis of this select informational cases that are guaranteed to bring traffic to your site.

2. Be able to distribute content

You have done analytics, but despite your forecasts, the article remains without attention? Most likely the matter is the presentation of the material. Look at readers' behavior on social networks. Vkontakte - more suitable for entertaining content. On Facebook, business news is better. Linkedin - used to search for employees. It’s not just the pitch that matters material, but also the time of publication, follow the reaction to materials in different times and draw the appropriate conclusions.

3. Understanding Site Monetization

If you work in the online media and do not understand how to make money site, then most likely you can’t overcome the line of an ordinary employee. A journalist must clearly understand what they want from him and be flexible. If a the site receives deductions for the sale of advertising, the task is to attracting and retaining traffic. If we are talking about paid subscriptions, it’s important not the amount of traffic, but the quality of the material for which subscribers will lay out money.

4. Have an idea of the development of information technology, know the basics of layout

In order to be competitive in the journalism market Today, you need to understand things like site usability, Be able to independently compose an article in HTML. Know how it will look material on various devices and understand how convenient it is will be read to the user.

5. Always learn new things

Today, publishers rely equally on technology, so on author’s professionalism. Journalism is no longer just humanitarian specialty, it’s also technologies that are developing very quickly and are changing. Need to constantly adapt, be interested in new products. digital world and be able to apply the knowledge gained in practice.