Portals of the CitySites network lead in the segment “city site” and in the category “regional site”, and this happens not by chance. The secret of this of success lies in the fact that each site is actively involved in city life. We set ourselves the task of not only collecting the whole relevant information about the life of the city, but also constantly generate new ideas, we are engaged in the search for high-quality information lines, and we also conduct journalistic investigations, positioning yourself as truly high-quality regional media.

An example of such work was a new project developed and implemented by the team of the site of the city of Zaporozhye 061. After publication the material in just a day received 256 recommendations from users Facebook, 179 people voted in favor of their beloved blogger. By analytics data for 24 hours project coverage was 2500 unique users. Especially for CitySitesBlog, we packed this idea in case, which we propose to consider in more detail.

Data collection:

At the initial stage, data collection was carried out. Journalists at 061 analyzed what role social network is playing in the life of Zaporozhtsev. What niches in this arena exist, how different representations are trying to manipulate public opinion and which they pursue goals. The team asked political scientists to speak out, spokespersons and media experts of the city.


As for the formation of the TOP-10 itself, a special a table in which journalists entered the answers of those they interviewed (by vertical). And directly the answers themselves (horizontally). Moreover, in lines entered those who could potentially be leaders, and if the respondents called a person who is not on this list, then his recorded separately. Next with the usual Excel formula, the guys calculated for which of the bloggers most people voted for. Together, the team managed to get answers from the 85 most active facebook bloggers. Based on the data received, was An article was prepared with detailed infographics and the possibility of voting.