Today's we decided to devote the post to another partner of CitySites. To a partner who appeared on our network just 5 months ago, but for this short period was able to achieve stunning performance and results.

We will dedicate it to describing the cycle of posts, so that our readers, could use their positive experience. We, in turn, work to scale their success to all partners of our company.

We are talking about the site of the city of Rostov-on-Don, about the history of his appearance in the company and his first achievements.

For start let's talk about what indicators the site has reached at this stage its development. The staff of this project employs more than 20 people, daily attendance has been breaking all records for a week for its dynamics recruitment and keeps at around 7,000 unique visitors per day, which in 6 times more than the average for the network for such time interval. Sales also exceed our forecasts. however, the partners so far have kindly asked us not to divulge the numbers. Recall that the site is listed on the domain only in early December 2015 of the year.


Very interesting is the story of the appearance of this partner in the network CitySites. When the guys contacted us, they were very typical franchise purchase negotiations in this city, we evaluated risks together discoveries, studied financial models and investment opportunities potential franchisees, discussing the nuances of working on our business model. Later it turned out that the whole team of our partner the moment was the existing team of the site, the most popular urban resource in this region and a potential competitor for our future franchisees. The reasons for changing the project were different, inconvenience of working with the administrative area of the site, the old complex design, some internal strategic changes within the company itself. we let's not talk about whose project is better, whose business model is more convenient or flexible, just switching all employees from managers to a full director from a competitor’s website on our franchise says for himself.

Results which turned out on the basis of this symbiosis will still be in detail sorted in our blog. At this stage, their very interesting project “TOP 50 public people of Rostov”, which included both politicians and businessmen, and ordinary citizens. The project was highlighted individual press conferences, with official awards and the presence of officials.


This article does not urge anyone to take sides or throw existing business in favor of CitySites projects. She only describes the fact that our network has a very interesting partner with very interesting past and no less interesting future. We always understood that hard work, wrapped in an inexhaustible desire to achieve goals always leads to excellent results. But if all this is backed up experience and desire to saturate the life of your city, make it better and more informative, the project is simply doomed to success.


We hope that the acquaintance with the project was intriguing, because in further articles we plan to publish an interview with the project staff as well the real cases of what the team of the site of the city of Rostov-on-Don does right now, cases that help them reach the heights with which we so proud.