First of all, there should be a bright head and an organism full of strength. After all if you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll be after a long birthday, it’s hard for the manager to be in a good mood all day, sleepy and full of strength.

Also, a very significant and significant role is played by sports and proper nutrition - this gives additional strength and more energy.


On the phone, the mood is felt instantly, and if you are without it, then it’s better not to negotiate at all, because a person can feel it and the deal will fail. By the way, there is a small percentage of managers, who can overcome the negative in themselves and “pull” a smile, but such very, very few that can do this unnoticed by others.


Be sure to be consistent in expressing your thoughts. If in your head porridge, then in the client’s head you will do even more a pun and he won’t understand anything. Therefore, it is very important to lay out everything according to shelves in the client’s head.


Without knowing your product, you don’t even have to start negotiations. Be sure to know all your pros and cons. And of course you need emphasize and emphasize your advantages, exposing them in the best light.


This is also an important factor. Ideally, you need to know not only the basic and strategic competitors in their market, but also what they offer, at what price, what maximum discounts give. Forewarned means armed!


It is very important to lead the client, and not that he led you. Initially needed show that you are a professional in your field, and clearly understand that say it. That is, to give the client an understanding that he is dealing with a person who is an expert in his field, and he can safely trust you. You can use some complex terms (CTR, CPC, Google Analytics and etc.), and if the client knows little about them, then he will understand what you are saying in the language of a professional that he might not know.


Handle an objection - this does not have to be answered by book or the script. Any objection can be translated in a positive way, as a joke or another topic - here is the manager’s imagination.


The same goes for the format of the negotiations themselves. When you chat non-standard, then the client immediately feels it, and switches from mode “Zombies” and standard phrases such as “send us your KP” to more productive conversation.


There must be iron arguments both for the sale of their services, and for handling objections. It should be all in the format “said how snapped”. :)

These arguments can be worked out before a call or a meeting with a client, making an analysis of his business and profile.


Everyone says that the May holidays are not the best time for calls and negotiations. But no one thinks about what exactly in this period the smallest competition, the smallest number of incoming calls to the client and the kindest secretaries and directors. Same concerns morning time (8-10 am) and evening (after 18).