for last year about native advertising a lot has been said and we We are well aware that those who work with online advertising are always you need to be aware of all the new products and trends. Today specifically for readers of our blog, we have collected the most relevant information, which and we publish:

Natural or native - this is a type of advertising that organically fits into subject of your resource and corresponds to its content. Main the peculiarity is that such advertising is practically indistinguishable from the main content of the site and does not cause rejection among users. Interesting figures show studies according to which by 2020, 56% of all advertising in Europe will be native. In mobile, this figure will exceed 63%

Reasons why native advertising is gaining popularity:

Ad blocker development - many realized that instead of draining huge budgets for opposition, it is better to agree with the provisions of the same AdBlock Plus and his manifesto on the requirements for non-intrusive advertising, which also proved effective.

The development of banner blindness among users - try to remember the last time you clicked on the banner? AND how often did you pay attention to the post you were interested in or publication? The native pay attention to 53% more often than the banner.

User behavior - unfortunately in Runet try to vparit goods as soon as possible and how more customers, promotions, discounts, specials offers. The average user is tired of this and if the material is obviously advertising and does not bear any benefit, it simply do not pay attention.


Examples of native advertising:


Good An example of native advertising that increases user engagement. Content fits perfectly into the entertainment structure of Kharkov site 057 .

Audience This video has grown by 3 million views in the first 24 hours. Quit is fighting the spread of smoking-related diseases.

Here is such a “miracle button” was installed by the Belgian channel “TNT”. A striking example of viral advertising.

Advertising alcohol brand created in the style of a comic report. A great an example of how the Onion site controls the content of its advertising content.