1. Work with no objections.

get ready to possible objections that your client may have and finding answers to them is the right decision. But raise these issues in communicating with him is not a good idea ... you run the risk of creating a problem on out of the blue and eventually lose lead.

How to fix it : Don’t work out any objections, but be prepared for them.

2. Familiarity at the first call.

after the first call to the client begins the struggle for his trust and the worst that here you can do it, start familiarizing yourself with the client. When meeting Avoid common cliches: “How are you?”, “How is the weather?” etc. After all, the client immediately turns on the protective mechanism, because Now they will start selling him.

How to fix: Until you have a trusting relationship, be friendly and professional.

3. Do not hear customer needs.

Often It happens that when you begin to praise your product or company, the manager tries to “push” the client and does not notice how he starts miss.

How to fix : Draw a picture of what the customer will receive and why it is profitable to him. Find out his needs and offer him a solution.

4. Closing a deal is the end of the process?

If this situation seems logical to you, then congratulations - you are losing money.

How to fix it: closing a deal should be seen as the beginning of construction trusting relationships with subsequent sales, obtaining feedback and recommendations (in the end, word of mouth has not been canceled).

5. Fear of failure.

If you are not confident in yourself, the client feels it and will never believe you. Being a good manager means believing in your product. And also be able to acknowledge your mistakes and prevent them from recurring.

How to fix it: Yes, it’s unpleasant to make mistakes, but it’s absolutely normal.