In the world of services, there are 4 types of buyers, in percentage terms they will look like this:

Cheap - 10%

Price \ Quality - 40%

VIP - 20%

Urgently! - thirty%

Based on this, we can predict the following:

Offering minimum packages, we attract an audience from the first sector. In your the city probably has a network of retail stores all 1-5 hryvnia? So, remember who we can meet there, and in what amounts Do sellers operate?

Standard packages certainly should be, they also need to be offered, but by statistics of such customers is not more than 10%, which means when you call and offer a product or service from the VIP series, he simply refuses, and you puzzle over why, he doesn’t advertise and nothing doesn't buy?

Next this sector is price / quality, if you need to buy a phone, I won’t overpay for a brand, advertising, fashion, and so on. Phone in my Understanding should not cost over 15 thousand hryvnias and a point. I am glad that we fifty%.

in The sale of advertising, shoes, equipment is the same. Therefore, if on advertising banner to write two delicious portions of sushi for the price of one, I am yours client.

why overpay? For example, we have a suite with great features. for placement and banner in the heading of the client for the target audience with discount. An excellent option in the ratio price / quality.

VIP customers are people who know what they want, if such a person comes in to a car dealership to buy a car, he knows for sure that he is a complete set will take everything for comfort, safety. Such buyers are not necessary. wealthy, these beliefs are passed on from parents, environment, and so on. Further. Therefore, in such cases, I offer integrated accommodation advertising the maximum number of cities, banner, article, catalog, social., network and so on.

Advertising it always works, the main thing is where and how to place it. For example, a package premium branding page, a series of five articles in the news feed cities and banner on the main page of the site.

Buyers “Urgent!” Have you ever been late to the airport or just to an important meeting? When there is a desire to throw a little money on top, if only the driver taxi put on the gas pedal! Such customers are willing to pay up to 30% more from the price in the price list.

in there are practically no such customers in our segment, so overpay we don’t need, but, urgently make a banner layout or quickly place, photo, text, logo we can help!

and even if you have a lot of calls planned, take the time for this client, and he, in turn, will recommend you as himself operational employee. Later I will focus on the topic of sale. according to the recommendations, and now knowing these chips and putting them into practice, you you can easily control your sales, which I sincerely wish.