Hello everyone!

Not so long ago we talked about one of the main problems of managers - not understanding what to whom and how to sell our services. The second problem of every manager, where to get motivation?

And I seem to know everything, but I don’t want to call, I can’t, I’m not in the mood and so on.

Every evening and every morning, I ask myself just one question: Why?

Answering the first time in 24 years, I said that I can no longer ride as herring in the bank in minibuses, from the sleeping area of the city to the center and I want a car. At the same time, I received a passport and left for 2 weeks in European tour.

in For 25 years living in a rented apartment for a long time, I decided it was time to have his corner, and at 26 I again need a car, since I sold the first one. Having lived in the commune exactly 1 year and 3 months, I did not stop dreaming about independent apartment. At 27 I took commercial property in new building, at the price of an investor, but turned out to be a test of my patience utilities with their contracts, repairs and a lot of debts. Thanks everyone friends, for the support at that time is not easy for me.

Today I am 29 years old, I moved to the center, I live near the office. There is a goal to buy car more recent years. Go to London to study with Anthony Robbins, write a series of books and more. But without the support of relatives people, it would be impossible to implement, and I am sincerely grateful to my family for believing in me. The working morning of a successful manager begins from yesterday evening.

K What did I tell you all this? What I aspired to and what desires nevertheless I achieved what goals I achieved, all this was not given to me easily and there were a lot of obstacles and shocks in my way. Naturally for this I needed motivation and the best motivation was clear a vision of exactly what I want. You do not know how to motivate yourself? Form in your head a clear vision of what you want and the most the main thing is why you need it. Do not be lazy, do it with high quality, Choose a really important goal and think about it. Then you will be it’s easy to get up in the morning, then the question of motivation will disappear by itself, then you will fall asleep with the pleasant thought that after today you are one step closer to your goal.

Go to sleep with a dream, wake up with a goal (s)

The task for those who want to engage in the search for goals and self-motivation right now:

  1. Write a list of 100 goals for the coming year, example:

- buy a refrigerator

- wake up at dawn

- throw out the trash

- go to the sea

  1. Create a 30-day success diary


Today I’m done because I woke up earlier by 1 hour and managed cooked a delicious breakfast, made 10 calls more than usual, made an appointment and so on.

I wish you cool results! CitySites believes in you, you can do anything!