Today our blog welcomes the new author - Vera Cherenko!

Vera is a journalist of the Salekhard website and the winner of the weekly contest for the best article in the CitySites blog.

in the times when I chose the profession of a journalist did not have to think about some kind of material benefit, then in fashion were completely different criteria. Journalism then seemed exotic, prestigious and honorable occupation. Journalists in every city were known, respected and were for them all doors are open.

They say that journalists are failed writers. This is partly true. But with the advent of the Internet, each of us has the opportunity to realize his writing talent in a different plane. I'm talking about blogging, content management.

now in a huge network you can share your thoughts, knowledge, experience, advice. You can charge people with mood and get a response from them the promise. It's hard to be alone on the web. Perhaps this is the beauty of this "Miracles of the 21st century."

I I still remember the times when the newspaper with my article was passed from hand to hand all friends, parents carefully kept clippings, and relatives were proud the appearance in the family of a real journalist. All this is nice, it was there is, but you experience a real buzz from a completely different one. I call it "Feedback" when your work is not buried in the archives, but has continuation in a lively response of the reader (viewer, listener). Speaking the modern language is likes and comments.


Create really cool stuff is being able to touch someone’s strings souls, do not leave anyone indifferent. This is the real meaning and the motivation for my “paperwork”, as my dad once called it.

All we strive to do something important in this life, including in work. And if you manage to combine business with pleasure - this is the highest class and great luck.

now I recall a case from my radiant practice when I worked as a presenter and a correspondent at a small wired broadcast station. IN the cycle of everyday problems, at one point I stopped thinking about the meaning of what I’m doing, and went to work, as they say, on the machine. But once, having returned from the next task, I found under the door studio of a modest old man. Grandfather sat quietly and was waiting for me, as then said about an hour. Clarifying that I am me, he asked a discouraging for me the question is: “Are you all right? And then recently on the air at your voice is kind of sad ... you are not sick? "


I I expected anything - complaints, requests, appeals - but not that. Crouching side by side, we talked for a while, for which I had time to find out that grandpa is my regular listener, lonely and painful in force of age. In the old fashion, he could not imagine life without a radio point, and the voices of those leading him became like relatives over time. He listened to me every day and especially loved the program of musical orders. Don't know how he could feel, but I really didn’t have the whitest streak then. And his insinuating question about my well-being just brought me back to life, filled with great meaning what I am doing. Now I knew that on that side of the speaker is waiting for my kind words, latest news, favorite songs and simple human communication.

on Farewell, he gave me a little devil, which he weaved from the tubes of droppers, when he was in the hospital. For me it was the most valuable gift and a reminder that what I do is very important to someone.

Co time I got a whole treasury of listening "responses" - letters, poems, greeting cards and even recipes from caring listeners. But that old man opened my eyes.

here and now, working on another note, every time I want her to I found my addressee to become important, necessary and useful to someone. Because the only way the author can be happy. And let him not a famous writer, not a famous journalist ... But if there is a response and feedback means that he managed to fill this world with music at least one string of someone’s soul.

summing up To summarize, I want to note that among my colleagues there are many examples, who work hard without focusing on their salaries. They have the feeling that they work really for people is beneficial to society. At such moments, you just don’t think about the material.

not only journalists are subject to such a working "inspiration". In any field there are people who adore their work and dedicate their whole lives to it. Important just find out the very thing! I sincerely wish you to work only in pleasure. Write in a comment whether your profession pleases you?

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