Time - the most valuable currency of mankind. He is missing when in a hurry, and at the same time, it is abundant when you have to wait. It can be To give to someone, to spend for someone, but it is impossible to return. it axiom. Therefore, it is so important to properly dispose of this wonderful gift. The universe, so that you do not have to regret and mourn the unreasonably spent minutes that have developed over the whole years of our lives.

Assembled and an organized person is not about me. Since childhood, my main lack of teachers called distraction. Who knows if I'm a little more focused then, what heights could reach now? But I already resigned to the evil influence of my "creative gut", which every now and then distracts me to some little things, calls to fly in the clouds, dream and dream up. Although this is not always the case. There are times when I manage to get the better of my absent-mindedness and incompetence and to work so productively and effectively that on my own in shocked.

Output: I can work efficiently, I just don’t always dare to do it myself. IN theories I know what bothers me, what needs to be overcome and what habits need to develop, and which to refuse. But theory and practice are two big differences. Although, for general development, I can share my experience - suddenly, someone will help.

  • So, if you want to make the most of your time - put emphasis and priorities. Decide what is important to do in First of all, without delay, and what can wait. If you want to, you can even sketch out a scheme or plan for the day.
  • Be realistic - set doable tasks. Let you plan less and do more in the end than vice versa.
  • holding for the urgent task, abandon the "external stimuli." It’s these irritants that insidiously steal our time all day long, forcing him to waste and to no avail. And then we regret that in days only 24 hours, although for some reason this time is enough for others. So maybe the problem is in ourselves? Only you know yourself enough to outline the circle of the most dangerous distractions: whether fridge, cigarette, tv, pc game or surf for social networks. Say for the time of urgent work confident “NO” to his inner voice, persuading to check mail, drink coffee, call a friend, etc. The task at first - then the promotion.
  • not spray on several tasks at once - do not really perform a single one. Cope with the work consistently, solving problem after problem, but not all at the same time.
  • not be careful not to make an effort on yourself - it is a training of willpower. And no need while feeling miserable. Remember that everyone is famous, rich and successful people also overcome themselves, their laziness, failures and fears. Without this, there is no way anywhere!


But then, having worked hard and evaluating the results of your labors, you there will probably be a few hours of free time that you with a clear conscience you can spend at your pleasure. It tells you absent-minded person, managing to combine several works, also write articles on CitySite blog. So use the time effective - it’s entirely possible. Have you already succeeded? If yes, share your experience - we will derive together an optimized working formula of the day. After all, live a century - learn a century. And some things never learn late.

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Vera Cherenko, a journalist in Salekhard.