At the moment, quite a lot of franchisors are developing the idea of selling their franchise with the seductive prefix "turnkey" . Let's understand what is meant by this, if there are differences from regular franchise business and is it worth it to overpay.

Creation and promoting your own idea personally is a very costly affair. And in consumption resources go not only material, but first of all - temporary. After all, no one knows better than you how it should look implementation in the end, and to achieve the perfect result you need to spend almost all of your time. Everything can happen if this the idea is one. But what if you want to promote more than one project? You are losing potential projects, surrendering completely to just one.

here here offers come to the rescue when EVERYTHING is prepared for you and right away. Let's look at an example of a turnkey business using our example CitySites franchises. In particular, based on the capabilities of the package "Premium". Standard conditions that are included in all other packages specially omitted, they can be found on the page franchise packages.

Additional benefits of a turnkey franchise

  • Development of an individual development plan

Given Your wishes, we ourselves will set the development vector project. Having a certain checklist in front of your eyes is much easier to understand. what tasks are in priority and what generally needs to be done for achieve the goal.

  • Personal webinar from our business trainer

most start support is important. That is why, for those who want to buy it is important for a turnkey franchise to be aware that they maximize their project attention. Personal webinar is designed to quickly teach how to make money acquired business and get to the point of income as soon as possible.

  • Full SEO promotion

We take all the headache on ourselves. Promotion of 30 commercial inquiries, 45 thousand characters per month written by optimized copywriters texts, monthly reports and audits and even contextual advertising - all already "under the hood" at your site.

  • High-grade SMM

Qualitatively managed social networks are becoming additional sources of monetization and traffic to the site.

What are the disadvantages of a turnkey franchise?

  • Higher Cost

All additional services are worth the price. When you recognize her, just don’t forget about the cost of your time. And about the professionalism of performers.

  • Question of trust

If You entrust most of the work to others, even for money, you need to be ready that partially opinions on some issues may not coincide.

Let's summarize. Who can use a turnkey franchise?

  • To busy people who do not have much free time to manage the project;
  • To partners who want to play it safe from unnecessary mistakes due to inexperience;
  • To partners who do not want to delve into the details of the “machine”, but only want to engage in the development of profitability.

See the CitySites turnkey franchise.