Ready Internet Business

"Earn money on the Internet ”is probably one of the most spammy headlines that can now be found online. A huge amount to blame scammers who want in every way to make someone else's wallet thinner. FROM on the other hand, it's no secret that advertising budgets Online advertising is growing from year to year, which means someone on this earns. So who to believe?

Today we will consider an example of a ready-made business that is created and developed CitySites. This is the site of the city, the main source of monetization which serves as an advertisement. We position it as profitable franchise online business.

Why is it profitable to buy a ready-made Internet business?

There are several reasons, let’s highlight the main ones:

  • You can always chat with those who have already done this before
  • Read company reviews
  • Immediately clear what needs to be done
  • Warranties Present

Basic the idea here is simple: any investment carries a certain share risk. In the case when you can chat with those who have already done a similar choice, you can make a more informed decision. Also, not superfluous will read reviews about the company.

What are the options?

Now let's look at what are the offers in the niche of a ready Internet business.

At their core, they all offer one thing: monetization through advertising.


Now the main web products that can be seriously monetized are the website and mobile app . It’s especially beneficial to use these two methods at the same time . At the time of writing (end of 2016), a report was published Google, in which she says for the first time mobile traffic exceeded desktop. In the future, even ranking for mobile will be another. We will return to this later.

The market is full of many proposals for the creation of such products. Each has its pros and cons. Self-made from scratch is expensive, but theoretically allows you to create exactly what what the customer wants. Why theoretically, because everyone who at least once faced with the work of programmers knows that it’s not easy to convey correct vision of the product to the developer. Deadlines burn out, and maybe happen that the output of a website or application (right at the start) is already a bit outdated / irrelevant.

who seriously understands the risk, a bunch of unnecessary problems and wants to get everything and immediately, pay attention to ready-made options for Internet business. it franchises.

Franchise - this is some agreement between the franchisee (you) and the franchisor (company). Such an agreement allows full use of the brand companies (TM, company recipes, equipment, etc.) for their own purposes for your business.

Franchise for a ready-made Internet business - superfluous problems?

topics Nevertheless, there is an opinion that when buying a finished project you do not get rid from the risk of failure. After all, firstly, there is a serious dependence on others (reputation, development course, etc.), and their ideas are not 100% realize.

BUT summarizing such disadvantages, do not forget about the advantages : transfer of other people's experience, business models, obtaining constant support. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others, we have been taught this since childhood.

What does CitySites offer?

Franchise CitySites is a great choice for those who are not ready to waste time in vain. we We offer the creation of two products at once, combined into one whole: city site + mobile apps for iOS and Android. Developing additionally city pages in social. networks, we get a single ecosystem CitySites: the user sees you, does not forget about you, and regularly you is reading. Naturally, this audience is already easy to monetize.

Site cities is a unique platform designed to unite citizens online and gather all the relevant city information together in one place.

Buy Online Franchise

If you are interested in the opportunity to purchase a ready-made online franchise, leave a request on the main page of our site. After a free consultation with you there will be no questions about acquiring a profitable business in The internet.