Vera Cherenko, staff journalist of the city of Salekhard.

Why create groups on social networks if you already have a website?

in In this material, I propose to answer one very important question, which may not have been asked by any CitySites franchise owner: “for What do communities need on social networks? ” It turns out today anyone self-respecting brand necessarily develops one or even several groups on Twitter, Facebook, VK, Odnoklassniki and other social platforms.

for at first it was not entirely clear to me, why spend so much resources for the conduct of some VKontakte group, which accounted for duplicate news from our site, plus entertainment content, such as funny pictures, smart sayings and entertaining videos. Well, let's figure it out.

Site Is a commercial product. Therefore, as an owner, you must understand the importance of advertising and promoting your brand, attracting potential customers and consumers (in our case, advertisers and readers). So, a group in a social network should unite people who hypothetically, our products should be interesting - news, information about city events, announcements, local advertising.

in As part of a group, users can chat, share their feedback on our product, useful information for us and other community members . In this communication, we strengthen our brand, advertise and increase our target audience.

Thus, we draw conclusions.


What the group gives on the social network for the site:

1 . Traffic (group posts are seen in the stream, they encourage you to go to the site)

2. Communication with the townspeople

3. Increase website recognition

4. Study of the consumer group (through surveys, tests, feedback analysis)

5. Free source of information (when community members exchange facts and useful material that can be used to fill the site)

6. Product advertising (no additional investment)

Obviously, the popularity of social networks plays into our hands.

Almost for free we advertise ourselves, study our target audience, we monitor the attitude of customers to our product and draw additional information for themselves, forcing the subscribers themselves to supply us with the necessary data.

C the importance of social. community, I think we have decided. But what next? Few create a group, it also needs to be developed, promoted and filled interesting content!

Content is text and graphic information that can be read by all members of the group.

Worth whether to explain that the content should be literate, unique, useful to the reader and fit his interests? Content is our face therefore, its preparation should be treated no less scrupulously than the materials for the site.

on in fact, it’s a painstaking and time-consuming process - to fill the community quality information. There is a separate the specialty for this is the content manager. But in our case, you can combine work on the site with administering the group . That is, all that published on our website, you can announce and post on the page community, encouraging readers to visit the source and consume what we need information.

HnYQAuWQG_G_Pw-g-R_GzXrDNuj-TmER.jpgThat is, in addition to the entertainment function, the content should encourage the audience to act . To do this, use interactive links, promotions, contests, advertising. TO for example, one photo contest of funny kids in my group in and a half times increased the number of subscribers in a matter of days. And all because the gambling parents and relatives of the children vied with each other and liked photos of their children, attracting all of their acquaintances. It’s a pleasure for people, but it’s for us.

also to attract the attention of the audience, discussions of this or that topics, discussion is developing, new defendants in the controversy are involved.

Group should not be static and mechanically debugged. All subscribers constantly must be involved in the process of its development and everyday life.

Number participants also need to try to increase. For this, the administration groups can collaborate and make friends with other communities, accept Active participation in commenting on their posts, PR your site, attract attention and recruit subscribers. All kinds of promotions and contests also help attract a new group audience.

There are and another way to replenish the readership of your group, as well as community promotion - paid. Similar services are widely advertised in social networks themselves. Find the appropriate price list, if desired, do not make up labor. For a fee, you are guaranteed to be provided likes, reposts, page visits and other promotion mechanisms.

When the proper use of all the opportunities that social gives us network, all the costs of creating and promoting a group of your site will definitely pay off. Because The thematic communities today are a unique, effective and efficient marketing tool for your business .

so is it worth it or not to contain a social group in addition to the site? - Definitely worth it. Moreover, this is included in the business model of website development. The benefits of online media communities are clear today. You only need to skillfully make them work for themselves, and then you will succeed guaranteed.