Owners franchises often tormented by the question: why so much effort and money to spend on high-quality text content of the site? Why not just copy ready-made texts from other resources and not post them without unnecessary problems, creating activity and diversity on the portal?

Important to understand that your site is your face, your reputation, your brand, your brand. And what kind of reputation can we talk about if your content borrowed? The text is not just a beautiful cover for your business product. This is its full and selling component. Besides of this, non-unique content in search engine results is tough pessimized. Therefore, the content should be taken more than seriously.

General arguments

If site - your business project, then content is an advertising tool that makes up general idea, your mark of quality. You create news, sell information, and therefore, like any other product, your information should be exclusive, special, unique to attract the consumer.

The uniqueness of the posts is an argument in favor of your product among many similar ones.

Except that material written off from other sources will be negatively reflected on your image, it will undermine your credibility in the eyes of customers, there is also technical moment in support of the uniqueness of the texts.

Case that search engines are very picky about resources and their textual filling. These systems put forward a number of requirements for sites participating in user requests. In addition, you can simply place you in tail of the search. If the portal is filled with other people's texts, what system certainly determine, with a high degree of probability this will happen. BUT for your business, this is a collapse.

Besides above all, do not forget about the prosecution of plagiarism on the lawful level. No one has yet canceled copyright protection. If the material taken from someone else’s site, you must always put a link to original source (although some resources do not allow copying without written permission of the publisher).


Uniqueness is important in website promotion

your the site is a unique product: with its logo, name, style. Therefore, content as a continuation of the general concept of the project should also display product exclusivity, confirm originality goods. If you seek to occupy a worthy niche in the media segment of the market information services, then strive for the site materials to be written exclusively for your format, using distinctive features of your portal, with confirmation of the exclusivity of the product. You must constantly identify your product using key words, phrases, topics, recalling yourself. Constantly confirm your authorship, making it clear that your site is the source, not copycat.

Vivid in fact, our blog can serve as an example of such a policy. We give guarantee that all our materials are unique. That means they are written just taking into account censorship of search engines, and by professional authors, purely for a blog, on a specific topic, taking into account the interests of our target audience. Our articles are the source, and we are not afraid that one of our clients will convict us of plagiarism or find us on others resources identical material.

of course to write this kind of unique content you will need services not a reporter, but a practicing journalist. We talked about this earlier in previous materials. No matter how good the rewrite is, it still won’t give you 100% authorship and exclusivity. Plus, the rewriter cannot guarantee the efficiency of news feeds and, moreover, personal participation in the events your site talks about.

yours news should convince readers that you are trustworthy, you professionals in their field, they read you, trust you, which means you can Entrust your advertisement.

By by and large, you are not selling news, but an offer to customers use your resource as an advertising platform, as an authoritative storage medium.

for it is necessary to demonstrate their readability, relevance, popularity among users. And this is already achieved by meaningful texts, problematic materials corresponding to interests target audience of the site. The quality of the content you need to gain attention both customers and readers, becoming demanded for those and others, necessary and effective.

so Thus, we came to the conclusion that the key to the success of your resource is the quality and uniqueness of its text content. But where and how Find a professional copywriter to create original content - this is another story that we will talk about in our next materials.


How do I protect my original texts from copying?

your decency definitely does not guarantee the same from your competitors. Today the problem of theft of texts can be solved different ways:

  • Make copy protection at the level of blocking selection with the mouse

Of course, this option seems pretty attractive. Today on the page You can attach a special script that will not make it corny text. But this will definitely cause inconvenience not only competitors, but also to you. And for short materials not very will work (because you can quickly retype it).

  • Adding a phrase

after copying text to the clipboard is further complemented by the phrase with the address of your site. A popular way in Runet, which in our opinion unequivocally ineffective. To delete a couple of lines will take a couple of seconds.

  • Search engine indexing of your text is faster than on a competitors website

This is what you need to pay attention to. If the robot saw the text on your site faster than a competitor, consider that this is your victory. Moreover well-deserved - you're an author.


How to speed up text indexing?

most simple and effective way, this is publishing a link to the news right away in all your social networks. There, bots actively follow the links. Pay attention to all social networks at once: it increases the probability of almost instant indexation. If a group develops only VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, take the trouble to publish the link in Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

To further protect texts, add them through the webmaster panel in Yandex in the paragraph "Original Texts", as well as its publication in Google+ account.

Have you encountered the problem of theft of your content? Write about it in the comments.