Today we’ll talk about a delicate situation, when it would seem that all possible topics for news, and the content manager comes creative crisis. What to do in this case and how to adequately overcome lull of information lull?

Theme lack of news is especially relevant after long holidays, as, for example, now, after the New Year and Christmas. Long weekend days, undoubtedly, leave their mark on the activity of press services and other sources of information for your site. And you come across an unpleasant situation when there is literally nothing to update the content, and the portal runs the risk of being left without fresh publications.

What to write about during a period of information lull?

In fact, experienced journalists will confirm my words that there is no such thing as no news . And even if you live in a small provincial town, always there is something to write about and what to highlight on the virtual pages of your media.

But to the situation of lack of news you need to prepare ahead of time, i.e. constantly keep your eyes and ears open, be able to consider an informational occasion on perspective.

Sources of news updates during a lull period

1. Procurement

in events from “not souring "area, ie those that are relevant throughout a long period of time. Here they also need to be put off in a special backup news drawer specifically for the calm season when they may come in handy to spice up your news feed.

2. Announcements

In the pile of press releases sent to you by the newsletter, there will be event announcements . Read the dates carefully. There will probably be numbers of the alleged informationlessnesslessness. Do not rush to send such announcements to working out. Put them in reserve. And on the right day, skillfully beat and present the announcement as relevant news, diluting with a couple of proposals.


3. Emergency Services

Even on holidays and weekends, our valiant services are always on the alert: the Ministry of Emergencies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the ambulance and the housing and communal services . These are your faithful comrades in the production of informational facts of a local scale. It doesn’t happen that in a day nothing happens in the city according to their parts. Surely someone is detained, someone is hospitalized, someone filed a complaint. These are the realities of our life. And you have the right to use this trend is to their advantage. Request bulletins, find out some details of interesting cases and publish news from the first sources, as they say.

after Holidays theme, how the city celebrated, how much garbage was taken out public utilities, how much alcohol is drunk, how many fireworks are launched and other nuances - a gold mine for information workers. Tighten you too. IN in small towns, such facts are especially easy to collect because all services are closely related to each other and you won’t have to look for sources for a long time.

4. Calendar

Another secret to finding content topics is calendar holidays and observances . Thank God, the web today is full of event calendars for every day. Believe me, there was still no day that a few years ago something wasn’t invented that some historical event did not happen, someone did not born from celebrities or didn’t celebrate somewhere a symbolic celebration of hugs, kisses, protection of fur seals and other thematic dates. Having become attached to any such occasion, beating facts and adapting the text to the realities of the local format, you can create almost exclusive content, which, by the way, is always with interest read by users and fast on the web.

g_YnHvLUMROrKeO-FaC6IBLpieotDDFd.jpg5. Archive

on the site is not in vain there is an archive of publications. Do you know why? Back to one from them, you can create another material, so to speak "in the wake". Let’s say that on this day a year ago an animal shelter was opened. Than you do not reason to return to the topic, ring the institution, find out how things are today, what do they live with, what problems do other details overcome? Beat the fact and Create fresh, hinted content from the past.

6. Statistics and polls

very at the time of calm sociological polls or statistical data. Be sure to collect and store such information. She can serve as excellent material for publications in the "hungry" days. The main thing - deliciously serve this dish, and it will certainly go with a bang!

7. Web Informants

In previous posts, we have repeatedly emphasized the importance of feedback from readers. And in our case, it’s the subscribers who can help you with the topic search . Than? - With your comments. View user posts read their discussions. Often in such correspondence skips informational occasions to catch on. The network is good that information, especially within a small town, is disseminated very fast. For example, somewhere on the outskirts a landfill caught fire, or an accident happened somewhere, in some area they turned off the light, sent exorbitantly high payments and other signals from your immediate informants. Do not neglect communication with subscribers - they wonderful source of local news. Your business is only to process information received and serve under the desired "sauce".

K in a word, information from Web users can be scooped not only on pages of your own publication. At your service - city forums, chats, online communities. Watch, monitor, keep your ears sharp and you’ll have no shortage of topics for publications.

8. Personal circle of friends

for Your personal contacts are also suitable for finding information. Your every acquaintance rotates in a certain professional circle or is associated with an interesting activity, which is also full of news. Necessary only know how to listen and hear, so as not to miss a good moment exclusive material.

Speaking of emergency services, we forgot to mention another permanent station - stations, airports, marinas, hotels . The cancellation or delay of a flight or the arrival of an important guest in the city - also an excellent news item for your "fishless" content. BUT The main thing is that it is always relevant and useful to people.

how You see, there are tons of options where to get information and topics, what to write about! The main thing is not to lose vigilance, to be perspicacious, observant and not forget to use imagination. Life is not static, which means that content You will always be!

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