your Is marketing ineffective? You think that advertising on the Internet is empty a waste of money and nothing better than outdoor advertising and traditional media come up with? Let's look at the key mistakes that are made together. when creating advertising campaigns on the Internet.


1. Advertising the New Brand - Pros and Cons
You is in the world ranking of large corporations such as Apple, Volkswagen or nestle? If not, then why copy their advertising cases? No one cares about your logos or advertising slogans on preview in the article. Do you think this will increase the flow of customers? Will increase sales? Not.

Basic branding goal is to increase your (or your product's) recognition at customers. But if no one knows about you at all, it’s money down the drain. It will be much more effective to promote the brand through existing ones. customers (branded coffee cup, logos on clothes, discount cards, etc.).


2. Grow your business with direct B2C or B2B marketing
Reply to me such a question, what is your most important task in advertising? To convince customer buy what you offer, right? And no matter where you will be to accommodate, you need to get a feedback. The key to success is simple - control and measure. Learn how to calculate return on investment for each ad campaign. in other words, know what your return on investment ratio is (ROI) Let's count on an example.
You invested 5 euros in advertising, You’ve got 10 euros, so you have chosen the right advertisement. But if you invest 10 euros in advertising, and get 3 euros on exit, either drive the miracle of marketing to the neck, or continue on replenish other people's pockets. The biggest mistake they make companies - it’s that they absolutely don’t understand what kind of advertising brings them income, and which does not. Be sure to request cost reports, find out the sources of orders and calculate the effectiveness of your advertising companies.


3 . For the success of the advertising campaign, do not make a cocktail of “celery” and “nails”
I will begin, perhaps, with an example so that you can understand what it is about.
you drive in the car, turn on the radio, and there: Co & Co offers banquet services, and we also need leaders with experience work. And by the way, we have a garage for sale ... Call ... ". Develops the impression that the company is participating in the nomination: “Advertising failure of the year, or how to throw money in 10 seconds. "
Remember once and for all - NEVER, do not bother all in one message, even if there is not a lot of money for advertising. Only one product is needed, and try to make it look attractively tasty. Attempts to fill the sieve with water, you spend it all marketing efforts, and the result will be sad - the loss of money. there is money - promote all categories of your products. No money - select one that brings you maximum profit, and focus on him.


4. Everything? Nothing!
Even Do not try to sell to everyone. Decide who your target is. audience and make efforts to attract it using tools marketing. Your audience is oversaturated with offers and information. Make it easy for your potential buyer to choose he recognizes himself by advertising message. You probably met the advertisement, oh who thought, “Exactly, this is about me!” And when you recognized yourself, you bought without hesitation.
I think you are faced with the fact that you were trying to shove something, to impose or sell. Therefore, your goal is to make the thought of buying and let you make your own choice. The right “pain" is decide who your target audience is, after it's time to think about what your her problems. This is incredibly important for developing an advertising strategy, and positively affects the quality of incoming applications / clients.

For example, the heading "Tired of malnutrition?" will be targeted to healthy food restaurant with home delivery service.


5. Concentration in all plans and actions
More one of the mistakes most entrepreneurs and “marketers” have came up with the idea of being advertised - an erratic choice of advertising sites. “Vasya is advertised there, and Lyudochka is there, maybe to me there to try? ”Stop!

Hold a simple truth in my head: you always have time to spend money. Start up one-by-one advertising sites, starting with small budgets and squeezing whenever possible on test advertising periods. And at least a month to cut at the cost of the attracted client.


6. First, second ...
On just a minute imagine what you saw on the site or in social the network is a regular advertisement of a regular tire store. You are unlikely Remember the phone or company name! What is the probability that you need this purchase right now and you’ll go buy this one store, not another?
The whole problem of advertising is that regular advertising in most cases with the customer’s need is not coincides in time. About 1-2%, exactly as many of your potential buyers will be attracted by your regular advertising, and then by chance. IN sales there is such a thing as a two-step model of sales, in it Advertising stimulates the influx of potential customers, not the sales themselves. Do not advertise a tire store, but for example - "5 ways to store summer tires in winter, if you know another way, tell us and we give tire inks "- thereby you heat up interest and get contacts of potential customers. That’s how you crash into memory to the client, and he will remember you at the right moment for him. And if still remind yourself 2 weeks before winter by email or SMS mailing about yourself that it’s time to “change shoes” - you are provided with an additional influx of orders.


7. There is no text, but you know what it will look like!
No matter where you will place ads - the Internet; indoor, outdoor media, gloss or TV, I came across many designers, and they me every once imposed their opinion, what it should look like in their opinion. And u I was asked: “How can they know what I want, if I don’t have even the text? ”And she came to the conclusion that they did not need to be listened. First thing you need to do, concentrate on creating a selling text, but already then engage in "space" design. Imagine a woman in red dress, you were attracted by the color of the dress, and only then the woman herself. So with design - the main task is to draw attention to your content.


8. Do you advertise a product that brings you money? WHAT FOR?
It used to be do you have the way that you go past a billboard that advertises some a trifle for a low price, and after a few hours exit the market with in several packages, the products you don’t need are done, but the very thing due to which you arrived, forgot to buy. This is a cool marketing move, the company made money on high-margin products, and about The advertised product that you saw is sold at cost. Remember the numerous antiviruses for the computer, they provide an opportunity use the product for a month for free, but then you have to pay.
In an advertisement of fast food restaurants, a similar picture. Advertising new burgers at a low price. You come, order them, then another drink, and then if you say coffee, they automatically give out phrase: "Will you have a cherry pie?"

This is a cross-sale in all its glory. If you don’t have cross-sales, advertising for one particular product will be ineffective.


9. Wake up!
To to involve the reader in your text, what is the main thing? The answer is simple, the main thing is heading. No need to invent a wheel, it already was. Hackneyed Phrases brought a tidy sum to giant corporations. Therefore when you there are such headings as: "Last day of the action ...", "Liquidation summer collection "," Only now! "" The lowest prices in the city! "I I think you’ve seen something like this in life and the list can’t be continued now do not work. Take advantage of what would be interesting or it is useful to read the audience: "Six life hacks about ....", "The secret about ...", “You haven’t seen this before ...”, “Find out how to save with ...” and get ready to track what the market reaction will be. The response will increase in in most cases, unless you sell tape cassettes in the age of online music.


10. Proper Advertising - Be Milkmaids
Reply to me such a question: "What is the most valuable in sales?" You can of course say that this is an average check or volume of purchases. But it will be a blunder. The most precious thing for you is customer acquisition. Watching many advertising campaigns, noticed that often in advertising there is no significant argument why exactly your proposal should be interesting to the client. A good design should look like this: In the first sale, do not chase the goal is to earn something. The basis of this sale is to “buy” a customer. And because at If you already have a client, you just have to make it permanent. By the most increase sales, as well as get more money.

11. Time frame or prevent customers from thinking
If Your offer has no ending; it will work slowly. This is human nature to put aside everything for later, and then they already it becomes not interesting. But when a person is instilled with fear of losing or miss the opportunity to buy something at a bargain price, and besides lose additional privileges or bonuses - he begins act.
There is a good example, somehow I was interested in one conference on advertising, I registered, I saw that the start of sales has not yet begun and left this page. A month later, they called me and started offering to buy a ticket for this conference, which will be through six months, while they said that the closer to the day of the conference, the more price, and for a week the sale will cease altogether. I end up constantly put off this purchase decision, and then stopped taking everything tube. Time limits work, but their term should be a maximum of 3-4 days, and when selling products it is better not more than a day.

12. Foresight of the advertising company
to you You don’t need to be a financier or accountant, but you must know the answer to question: "What are the two most important numbers in your business?"
First, this the cost of attracting a new client (all expenses are taken into account including advertising). The second one shows how much money the client brought in all the time. Your cooperation with him (from the beginning of the first transaction to the last). Learn to finally plan and calculate the cost of attraction: 1 customer = 100 euros. During the year, he brought you 20,000 euros to the cashier. From this we can conclude that advertising has become quite measurable and a predictable way to invest in and receive from advertising profit. What do most small companies do when they decrease sales? They cut advertising costs. And the reason is simple, advertising which they chose does not work. More precisely, they do not know which model an advertising campaign works for them, and which doesn’t. With a decline in sales, expenses should be increased for advertising, but if you know your ROI and what it is this ad that is effective.

Use these simple rules when strategically planning your advertising companies. Take your time to accurately calculate efficiency and ROI - you save yourself a ton of money! If you intend to sell a lot (or already selling) over the Internet, or competitors got you, We recommend that you familiarize yourself with franchise of the CitySites urban site - You will receive a full-fledged advertising platform for advertising in Internet within your city. A pleasant bonus will be mobile application as an additional platform for advertising. Good luck To you in your sales.

Irina Khaminova