U you have a lot of ideas for the implementation of which there is not enough time? You put There are many goals for yourself, but don’t bring them to the end; having tried? This article describes simple techniques that you can use. develop patience and increase motivation to achieve the set themselves goals. We recommend that you try each of these techniques in 3-5 days after reading and choose the one that suits you most.


SMART Tasks and Their Consequences

SMART Is a modern and really working approach to setting goals with achieving a specific result. SMART stands for acronym when translated into Russian, its decoding means: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Significant, Limited in time. The main thing that is necessary remember when building tasks using this technology - the task has Deadline, clearly defined deadline. After establishing deadline, you need to come up with a significant consequence for yourself - that will be if you do not complete the task. This technology will work, only if the consequence that you have established for yourself is really meaningful to you.


Always keep promises

execute promises - it is equally important, both in front of oneself and in the personal communicating with other people, at work and in business. This is the quality beyond which others will definitely respect you. Keep "your word" should for you to become a top priority. We recommend starting with simple things: set yourself a small task that takes no more than half an hour and execute it. Repeat this 3-4 times a day, developing this to hell.


Daily Inspiration for Work

for Performing any tasks requires inspiration. Usually motivation myself, I promised, I have to do it - not enough to achieve desired result. We recommend drawing a picture in your head, an image that will be when I complete this task. Find other sources your inspiration, it may be music that motivates you, maybe quotes or videos. In this case, everything that makes You work harder and fulfill your tasks.

Completed To Do List

Make up A list of the tasks you need to complete. List for day, week, month, year and be sure to complete it. For example, take yourself for as a rule, spend 15 minutes every morning to plan for the day and analysis of tasks for yesterday. If all the tasks set yesterday you have completed, reward yourself - with a cup of brewed coffee or chocolate bar, and in case of failure, on the contrary, forbid yourself coffee or sweet, for example, for 1 day. The main thing is that the “reward” is significant for you. This technology complements the first, so we recommend combining them.

The answer to the question “Why?”

Compose for yourself a list of reasons why you should complete tasks. Causes formulate in short sentences that really matter to you. Subsequently, you can print this list and hang it in front of your workplace to further motivate yourself in performance of the task, if you postpone it for later.


Complete tasks as a team

in a team is usually easier to work than on their own. Working in team, other team members help you solve complex issues. Look at the actions of others and take them as an example. Recommended set daily or weekly goals in the team and agree that everyone can verify the fulfillment of the tasks of the other.

We hope that the techniques described in the article will help you in work and life, the more you will not give up tasks without completing them. We wish you achieve your goals and excellent work results. Remember you yourself are building your future and what you do today depends on your tomorrow.

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