Modern employee search trends are different in that job seekers not just as people with a set of specific skills and experience, but as those who have unique abilities and potential.

If you decide to work on the CitySites franchise, you the issue of recruitment for the development of the city portal. And besides them technical skills (so-called hard skills) are very important personal characteristics. After all, the formation of a strong team is a guarantee fast and efficient development.

Rate such qualities at first sight are not easy. But worth paying attention to the development of useful skills in an already existing team.

So, what are the characteristics of an effective employee?

Customer focus and communication skills


for effective communication with customers (and not only) you need to have both ability to speak well and ability to listen carefully interlocutor and correctly express their thoughts. Much attention is paid to also the social intelligence of a person (i.e., his ability is adequate evaluate people's behavior and act in accordance with the situation).

This quality will be especially important for sales staff.

Multitasking and ambitious


Skill combine tasks and participate in several projects at the same time - the need for modern realities. If the employee is initiative, enough savvy and knows how to cope with work with minimal stress, then he quite effectively able to cope with this.

Ability to independent study and selection of necessary information, its timely processing and application make it possible to optimize the working process.

Well and of course, striving to do your job better is the way to continuous development of not only the career of an individual employee, but also growth the welfare of the company as a whole.

Honesty and enthusiasm


Worker first of all, he should be sincerely passionate about what he does, have high motivation and positive attitude. And, as you know, positive tend to infect others.

A openness and honesty mean sincerity to others and ourselves themselves, the observance of the most important moral principles and loyalty to their work.

Decision making and accountability


such a skill requires a combination of several qualities: logical thinking, emotional balance, ability to analyze information, to draw conclusions and make decisions on this basis. Important addition this characteristic is ambition and the desire to do work as best as possible.

Self-criticism and ability to correct mistakes made


Recognize their shortcomings, objectively evaluate their capabilities and be self-improvement - all these abilities are positive characterize the employee. Combined with honesty and sincerity, they make a person loyal to others and make it easier to find mutual language .

of a number of related personality traits follows these basic qualities characteristics such as: friendliness, ability to prioritize, work in a team, activity, initiative, ability to learn.

In CitySites, the system of selection, training and further work with personnel is one of the most important components of the package franchises . CitySites online university was created to train new employees, and curators direct the work of the franchisee and their employees.