Аfter of how you became the happy owner of a news site, in front of you the question arises sharply: “How to make a resource popular so that it brings profit?"

Internet full of information about effective website promotion. Many of them too unified and do not take into account the features of information portals.

We tried to understand all the nuances and lay out useful recommendations “on the shelves”.

5 main differences of the information site


Information or a news site is a resource that provides its visitors to the latest and latest information on various events. Information portals have several distinctive features from other sites:

  • a large number of pages and an extensive semantic core, the search is carried out according to information requests;
  • the presence of advertising on the site;
  • more simple analysis of conversion rates: counts views / downloads of material or registration of visitors for performing any actions on the site;
  • outgoing links to third-party resources;
  • a large amount of content that must meet a number of requirements in order to attract an audience and influence the growth of traffic.

All these “tricks” directly affect the specifics of promoting information sites.

Long live the content!


Difficult remember who first came up with the phrase “Content is king”, but overestimate the importance of quality material in website promotion is difficult. Simple the “good content = high traffic” formula works flawlessly. Banal rewrite, unverified data sources kill reputation media.

Information on the news portal must meet the following criteria:

  • relevant;
  • reliable;
  • accurate;
  • timely;
  • unique;
  • literate.

How to ensure that your site is always in the TOP?

First , Form a qualified edition. Investing in good journalists will pay off with interest when people come to your site for another portion of high-quality news, and advertising will begin to bring income.

Second , control publications for compliance with all the above criteria, and also correctly format them: add a photo (be sure to prescribe alt pictures), video, links to various data sources.

There are many free tools for checking texts for uniqueness and literacy, such as Text.ru , Advego , Glavred .

Third , pay attention to the headlines. A good headline is a whole art: he should attract the reader, meet key queries, etc. But make sure the content matches your search queries readers. Once caught in screaming headline and empty content, the person is unlikely to come back to you again .

In our upcoming publications, we will look at how to write headlines and texts for news sites.

w9CAZSA5xow9SE9eMvTvKLHsen63Z3EP.jpgFourth, regularly update content. This has a positive effect on site indexing. Today, under any request, search engines give out thousands of pages, so the task is to make your page unique and better complicated every day. But if your stuff is called “logged in”, then the effect of publications can exceed all expectations - your readers will come back for a new batch of good information and themselves distribute content.

Important also analyze trending topics and make forecasts, prepare in advance articles or special topics for some events (September 1, New Year, etc.).

Study large information sites, draw their experience, analyze what publications allow them to be in the TOP.

Fifth , hold the audience. To interest the reader, you need to come up with additional functions: stimulate visitors to leave comments on articles, add to the site unusual special projects , the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter of interesting fresh publications or to community on a social network, add interactivity (e.g. forum) etc.

of course however, website promotion is not limited only to content. If you want to increase brand awareness, attract as much traffic as possible on your news portal, then you can not do without a whole complex tools.

SEO - head to head


characteristic the moment of SEO-promotion of an information site is compilation semantic core with predominantly low- and mid-frequency requests. Semantic core - a list of keywords and phrases that most fully characterize the direction and theme of the site.

for media resource semantic core is primarily necessary in order to correctly compile a list and titles of headings and sections, adapt content for search queries.

Topic the resource must be determined before the kernel is collected, select the types of requests users (it is desirable that these were popular topics, demand for which practically does not change: crime, politics, fashion, etc.) and pick keywords for them.

To create an effective semantic core of the site, use special SEO tools:

  • mindmap (development of the site structure and its image using flowcharts);
  • Key Collector (a program for creating a semantic kernel, selecting keywords) ;
  • analysis of competitors' sites (for example, using the service similarweb ).

how we have already said above, the peculiarity of the news portal is the presence of a large number of pages. This is a positive point, as allows to apply internal linking, but an SEO specialist should be very careful in the analysis of the site to exclude the appearance of internal duplicate pages (on news sites - this is a common problem). Good influence on indexing links from social networks, blogs, other sites (both organic and purchased).


Always check your site for internal optimization errors:

  • exclude duplication of pages, title and headings;
  • configure redirects;
  • correctly compose a robots.txt file;
  • fill in the meta tags and description;
  • Check for factors that affect your site’s loading speed.

Most of these points can be independently verified using various SEO services .

Generally promotion of information portals implies the scale of work. Since processing a large number of pages is time consuming, careful planning, and possibly refinement, to the owner information resource must use the services specialists.

SMM and advertising


Promotion on social networks. This promotion method provides a lot of advantages:

  • wide audience reach (it’s hard to imagine an active Internet user today without an account on any social network);
  • close interaction with readers;
  • image improvement, and, as a result, increased traffic and faster indexing of pages by search engines.

Promotion portal media involves adding “share to” buttons to pages social networks ”, as well as teaser ads and thematic ads communities.

If make every effort to promote the information site then you can achieve high traffic from social networks and regularly Attract a new audience.

What is needed for this?

  • not try to reach all social networks at once. Stop for 1-2 most promising for you. For the media portal, great functionality owns Facebook;
  • regularly update publications to remain popular with readers. A news digest is the best choice for an information site;
  • do not forget about hashtags - they help to find publications on similar topics and navigate in rubrics.


Contextual advertising is a good way to promote news portals: you can Quickly change keywords by which ads are displayed, thereby attracting visitors to the hottest topics. Unwind the most important sections of the site until your resource is in the TOP search.

For regional media or highly specialized sites, targeted advertising is the ideal tool which allows you to show ads to the most accurate target audience (given the geographical location or interests of users). Advertising will require you to invest financially.