in any profession from time to time comes the so-called “crisis” genre ”: when inspiration and desire to be creative at zero. What to say about those whose job it is to create news is early or later, the supply of creative ideas is running out.

Our today's material is intended for editors, journalists, copywriters, content managers and all those associated with the field of media.

We have developed a list of universal topics for writing interesting news and creating informational occasions.

So, our 20 news ideas:

1. The heating season in your city


such a topic in our latitudes may be relevant for at least six months, because here there is a huge field for investigative journalism: will it start on time heating season? Are everyone ready for it? What are the problem objects infrastructure in the city? And many other related questions.

2. Pets or homeless animals


We think in any city there is a problem of homeless animals. If you have run out stock ideas for new publications, try to organize an investigation about this theme. Find out how local authorities deal with the issue sterilization of such animals? Are there any shelters for them? How is the process organized in other cities?

what for pets, you can also release a series of publications on what animals are popular among city dwellers, write essays about veterinary clinics, pharmacies, consider the problems with which faced by the owners.

3. Fall (winter) leisure


Great seasonal theme. Even in a small town you can always find interesting places for family vacations. Post material on how and where spend a weekend in the cool season, schedule schedules for parks, ideas for non-banal corporate parties. By the way, this is also a great topic for native advertising or special projects.

4. Summing up the harvest season


This is also one of the seasonal themes. You can write about how this year was, give statistics, plans for next year, interview specialists.

5. How to prepare for the fall (or winter)


Answer any questions you may have yourself:

  • how avoid the autumn blues? Publish articles about cozy places in the city, exhibitions, theater and movie premieres. As well as upcoming reviews events in the city. You can write articles of the type ”10 ways to get rid of melancholy and depression. "
  • How to prepare a house for winter? You can make publications about insulation, repair ideas and more.
  • How much does it cost to prepare a car for the season change?
  • Where to buy winter shoes?

And much, much more. Link the theme and material to your city, it works well.

6. City Health


More one big field for research. Write life hacks about how protect yourself from colds and conduct effective prevention, recommendations doctors. Keep an eye on quarantines in schools. Advise the best clinics or Doctors in your city. You can write material about what diseases Most often, residents are concerned about measures to combat them.

7. Photos of the best views of the city


Announce contest for the best photo among readers or make a list with a description local attractions. In any city or its environs there are picturesque and historical places - you can devote a lot of material review one or more of these objects, take a photo, add routes, etc.

Describe local legends and myths or make a top of the most visited tourist places.

TOP-5 ways how and where to spend a weekend outside of Odessa

8 . TOP popular people in the city


Generally, making articles about fellow countrymen is a very fertile ground for a series of articles: You can write about their achievements, about unusual stories from life, about family business or participation in some kind of event. People always It is interesting to read about those who live next to them, whom they know. Write about popular business in the city, big and small victories: be it any competition or the most beautiful courtyard in the city. You can also arrange polls, promotions and any other interactive events with residents cities.

9. Professions and Courses


This is also one of the most diversified areas. You can create special projects, publishing cycles, interviewing, doing native advertising on subtopics such as:

  • top most popular professions in the city;
  • how to get a new profession;
  • lists of all kinds of educational courses;
  • where to earn a student (or senior citizen), etc.

10. About the city


Among ideas: the history of the city streets, the most -... streets (long, short, beautiful, etc.), public transport and everything related to it, old city buildings (history, architectural features, what they were before and now), photo chronicle, what events took place in the city, artists, poets, directors who created here and everything that can be interesting from your point of view.

11. How and where to spend the holidays?


New year, birthdays, any seasonal holidays - all these days the inhabitants of the city strive to conduct in the best possible way. Write about unusual places events, gift ideas and how to decorate your home for the holiday. Review the range of stores and their promotions. Fantasy about unusual ways to spend the New Year. Many readers can get the necessary information from your site.

12. Children


Children require a lot of attention and most parents are often not concerned not only by finding the necessary things for the child, but also by such questions, as:

  • holidays with children: where to go with the whole family in the city;
  • educational institutions and hobbies for the child;
  • playground equipment and conditions in the city for parents with strollers;
  • games and educational courses for children.

Give answers to these and many other questions, and you will always be popular and in demand.

13. Photo projects


This topic is limited only by your imagination! Here is just a sample list of ideas:

  • seasons (“Our city in winter”, “Summer in the city”, etc.);
  • street art;
  • the brightest cars, houses, billboards;
  • city in faces: you can make a project about famous residents as well as portraits of ordinary people;
  • monuments (the most beautiful, most amazing, most ridiculous);
  • aerial view of the city.

14. Event Rating


You can to summarize what the most interesting events took place in the city for year or, conversely, make an announcement of upcoming events. As an option: conduct a survey among residents of the city about how they see cultural life, how to diversify it?

15. Where to spend your vacation?


here You can make publications both on the topic of vacation abroad (hotel review, prices, routes), and consider places in the hometown and its

surroundings. Monitor rental prices, describe transport routes, post information about travel agencies or life hacks about how to travel on your own.

16. TOPs about the city


  • TOP of the most dangerous / safest areas of the city;
  • TOP enterprises;
  • TOP markets / supermarkets;
  • TOP of the most popular places among citizens;
  • TOP of the most dangerous road junctions.

And everything else that comes to your mind.

17. Street Food


where Can I have a tasty and, most importantly, safe snack? Raid by eateries and fast food, a review of street food at events in the city. Do not forget add a survey for visitors where the tastiest shawarma in the city.

18. Opinion polls


here, Of course, a lot depends on the problems that are directly in your city, but you can highlight a number of common topics for surveys of citizens. For example:

  • what they lack in the city;
  • why they love / dislike their city;
  • how residents spend leisure time on weekdays and weekends, make a list of the most popular places and types of entertainment according to citizens.

19. Lifehacks


You can write recommendations on various everyday topics (for example, how inexpensive make repairs in the apartment), answer the questions “What if ...”, write step-by-step instructions (for example, what to do if you get into an accident). Also you you can mention expert opinions, write about new legislation and etc.

20. Charity


you not only can you publish articles about philanthropists or charities promotions, but also become the initiator or partner in helping those who need it.

We hope that our selection will inspire you to create news and interesting projects.