More recently, we wrote about click - headers that encourage you to click on an article.

We we don’t know if the journalists of the CitySites network of sites read it before write headlines for your news, but we are sure that you will not be able to go past such publications.

At the end of the week, we have put together a humorous selection of the funniest headlines on our sites for you.

Perhaps, the leaders in creativity are the journalists the site of the city of Odessa : whatever news, then masterpiece!

people in the minibus

Who would have thought that people are part of a minibus ... although with such crowded people and minibuses have long become one.

dog in a minibus

Still, in Odessa - not only unique people, but unique animals, which are drawn to travel.

machine with numbers

While in Hollywood they are thinking about the script for the next James Bond film, in Odessa they are already testing a car for real spies.

minibus in Odessa

It is understandable, because it is dangerous to ride in Odessa city transport.

A so that the reader is not horrified by the transport problems of the city, Odessa residents decided to please him with a selection of articles about cute animals: elephant gymnast and squirrel model.

elephant gymnast

model protein

But the journalists of the Kiev site for some reason are not indifferent to body parts:

jaw on the street

pump the language

Well, the cutest journalists live in Grodno - they even have a criminal who can be a romantic guy.

romantic shooter

We wish you a good mood! Read and create only good news! Share your observations and interesting events - write to us on Facebook - we are very interested in your opinion about the publications on our website .