Consumer hard to surprise. A banal remark, but alas. Sellers have invent more and more unusual ways to promote your product. How to make the buyer not only notice it, but also singled out among competitors, remembered and made a purchase decision?

Trends show that the perception of information in people is becoming more and more “Clip-on” - they don’t like to think and compare facts for a long time: the client either sees interest for himself from the first second or not.

on creative sellers come to help sellers - unusual design, shocking slogans, a clear message - a great way to influence the audience.

Why creative in advertising is good


Note immediately, we are sure that creativity in advertising is good and effective. But only if the ad is really creative, not the creation of a half-educated designer with the message "I am an artist, I see it that way."

By in fact, to create a masterpiece that shoots, you do not need so much. The most important thing is to learn to understand the psychology of people. And unfortunately it is this factor for many advertisers that becomes insurmountable an obstacle.

Before you “dissect” your target audience based on age, mentality and living conditions, you need to understand, that all people buy stories.

in the vast majority of the population already has everything necessary for meet basic needs (food, water, clothing). People buy what they can do without (they don’t need this to survive) - i.e. buy what they want.

Before what we will learn how to make successful advertising, let's We will be inspired by the work of truly creative and talented people.

Examples of successful advertising


A very successful neighborhood of billboards: a Samsung vacuum cleaner and the Charm apparel brand.


Lightweight topless from Volkswagen.


A very visual advertisement for aspirin.


Advertising Berger Paints, an Indian paint company, creates the illusion that a real painter paints a billboard canvas in the color of the sky. For achievement of this effect, the shield was constructed from several shades of canvas so that each of them matches the color of the sky at different times days.


The Economist magazine ad. IN it was based on the idea that high-quality magazine publications More than once they came across their readers with interesting thoughts. Special the detector mounted in the shield is triggered when a person passes under a light bulb. Thus, it seems that the passerby who appeared near The Economist billboard, some kind of head appears in his head brilliant thought.


Invisible billboards designed specifically for the Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable).


With Volkswagen it’s easy to park your car neatly.

Foul advertising as a selling tool


such type of advertising has been used for a long time. Many apply in promoting slogans and pictures on the verge of foul: defiant, shocking, violating all moral standards. However, they are quite capable of attracting attention, hitting the emotions of consumers.

Psychologists have long determined that as a provocation in advertising they often use:

  • Sex Topics
  • Intentionally shocking the audience
  • immorality
  • Fear
  • Scandal
  • The riddle
  • Sensation
  • Disgust

Examples of provocative advertising


The slogan from Lego: "Creativity forgives everything."


Speak Like a Native - Creative outdoor advertising for the Berlitz Language Center. Slogan: “Speak like a local.”


advertising underwear

But the “trick” of Calvin Klein's underwear advertisement is that it only works when it rains.


Well, a very powerful vacuum cleaner.


Super roomy Honda Fit.


The sharpest WMF knives.


CitySites are also distinguished by creative advertising for a network of sites, shocking with the topic of lobotomy.

for in order to make an excellent PR, looking at interesting photos is not enough: you also need to know some rules of successful advertising, which is not lost in a sea of faceless and similar brands.

7 Rules for Effective Advertising

CGVqxZ-RNzlq0J6iYBZhG_Gic4Cvj4KE.jpgFind your “horse " Any seller must understand what is unique about it. trade offer (USP). When creating an advertising strategy, you must immediately identify the main advantage of the product. This is especially important if Your product has analogues in the market. But in no case do aggressive advertising, trying to prove that your product is the best: make the buyer himself come to this thought.

Provide facts, unique properties, figures. Even if the product is nothing different from competitors in these indicators, try to surprise potential customers with an unusual fact about a product or some kind of company "Chip." Remember the original “instruction” on how to eat cookies OREO? So for your brand you can come up with a catchy slogan, song, character, etc.

Get closer to people . Mistake many brands are confident that their product is also It is interesting to buyers, as well as to themselves. Marketers vying tout their product, but often their efforts go unnoticed.

Stop it speak like a brand - speak like a person. Today there is plenty of opportunities - go to social networks and chat with the audience. Find out what interests them, show that you care their opinion. And make an advertisement that will be close and understandable to people.

Inspire and create a celebration . For real good advertising always leaves the impression that it was made by people, not soulless corporations. Your brand must call association with something pleasant. A great example is Coca Cola's ad for New Year holidays. For many years, it causes pre-holiday euphoria only with the help of a recognizable melody.

You need “enemies” and “real problems” - think of them . Let's try explain with the following examples. Very often in advertising, some far-fetched questions that arose as if by themselves: people go along on the street, everyone is smiling, they are being given some sort of product (which they allegedly badly needed, but it’s not clear why), they still smile from this more. Such a sugary sweet picture is annoying, isn't it? After all, in life doesn’t.

A Now imagine that you are shooting a video about real people. For, for someone to smile, need a reason for people to behave the way you want and bought the goods of your brand, you need a reason. Find some kind of “problem” that really affects emotionally consumers and encourage them to buy.

That the same goes for “enemies”: the brand must clearly articulate its position - for what or against what. In every area of life there is something what you can oppose: boredom, stress, lack of joy in life, etc. It is this “enemy” that you need to defeat with your product. A great example is the "very evil bacteria" to fight which antibacterial soap and toilet cleaners come out. After all, still half a century ago, people had no idea how many dangerous microorganisms require daily destruction.

Challenge. Not be careful not to shock customers - be careful not to be careful and inconspicuous. Firstly, you will never be able to please everyone, and secondly, you you must first pay attention to yourself. And often the best way for this can be a shocking statement, a question and everything that makes your buyer pause and think.

Arouse emotions . Believe me that listing your accomplishments doesn't make any difference to potential customers. Moreover, an excess of facts causes people desire to analyze, compare, compare with others, but not at all run after your goods.

Truly creative advertising evokes emotions: not necessarily joy, perhaps surprise or anger. But inside, as if something clicks and the picture (song, slogan) is imprinted in the brain, becomes a kind of An anchor. Hearing or seeing it the next time, a person will already be associate ads with your brand name.

Have a strategy . The most the best strategy - simple - one that can be described in one offer. When you can fit the purpose of the advertising campaign in a few lines, and as simple as possible to tell about it, only then you You can organize an advertising campaign for people.

To summarize. Advertising your brand must be creative in order to be remembered and stand out among competitors. She can entertain or shock, but the main thing - be able to evoke emotions.

If your potential consumers will understand that the brand is not only worried about profit, and solves their problems, they will certainly become yours grateful customers.