write The achievements of colleagues and partners are always pleasant. We are very often We are proud of the projects of our sites that help people and make the world it's better.

Today in our material - project "My mother is the most beautiful" , dedicated to the strength and beauty of women who fight for the health of their children in oncohematology of the Belgorod Regional Children's Hospital.

heroine of the photo project

We talked with one of the authors of the project, Maria Litvinova, editor-in-chief of the site of the city of Belgorod .

- How did the idea for the project “My mother is the most beautiful” come about? Were there ideological inspiration or similar examples?

heroes of the photo project

- The idea of the project "My mother is the most beautiful" was proposed by the head of the fund "Holy Belogorye against childhood cancer" Eugene Kondratyuk. One year before this, in 2015, we are with the photographer and designer Alla Grigorieva made a social and art project Porthole about children's abilities with autism and their difficulties. He was successful, the whole city talked about him, a lot of people came to the exhibition.

Eugene Kondratyuk proposed in this way to congratulate the mothers of children on March 8, which are in the oncohematological department of the hospital. We are happy got down to business, and as a result, not only congratulated the mothers, but showed stories about them to the whole city and beyond.

- Tell us about the authors of the project and your role in it

Maria Litvinova

- Evgenia Kondratyuk has been helping sick children for several years, she has managed to make my foundation and charitable organization famous and effective. Alla Grigoryeva is a talented photographer and designer, works in the local television and radio company Mir Belogorya. She brought in hospital photo equipment - background, racks, lights - and photographed women with their children. I talked to adults and small participants project and recorded their stories.

exhibition of the photo project

On the eve of March 8, we held an exhibition in the walls of the hospital, so that mothers and children were able to look at the result, and then the fund organized a large an exhibition in the building of the Belgorod Philharmonic, which worked there two weeks. Alla Grigorieva edited videos from the shoot, made up a booklet, made the project’s site , and he won first place at the World of Equal Opportunities festival of social Internet resources in Moscow.

- How did you feel when preparing and participating in the project?

heroes of the photo project

- We were worried that mothers would not agree to participate, because the disease the child is a delicate and sensitive topic. At first it was, many refused flatly. But when they saw what was happening in our an impromptu photo studio within the walls of the hospital then sat in line to make-up artists Galina Kazantseva and Tatyana Semernina, who are very helped. It was very touching when, during the shooting, they liberated and began to talk about themselves, and children - about their mothers.

heroes of the photo project

- Why did the site decide to participate? How does news coverage help to find public response?

heroes of the photo project

- The management of the Media + advertising agency, the founder of Go31, whose editor-in-chief I always support charity projects. Company information and material supported our Porthole , we posted videos with the announcement of the project on city screens, did publications on the site and in social networks. Information support for anyone The project plays an undeniable role, the project sounded pretty loud, and neither Belgorod media alone did not stand aside, for which all colleagues many thanks.

— Tell us a little about your first project "Porthole"

heroes of the photo project "Window"

— He began, almost by accident. Grew out of the idea of interviews with moms children with autism, to which Alla Grigorieva was supposed to do photos. One day she said: why not to organize a the exhibition? Agree with the photographer Studio "Point" Vasily Kuchma which gave us room and was very helpful. When the work started, we have created a group project in social networks and announced crowdfunding print and decorate your photos. We did it, responded a lot of people. And the exhibition was held in the exhibition hall of "Rodina", one of the the best in the city.

Tell our readers a little about yourself: how long have you been working on the site of the city of Belgorod? How often the site and you participate in public life of the city? What do you like about your job?

portrait of the editor

— I'm working on the website Go31 more than three years, and my journalistic profession suggests participation in public life, at least, information. Once I realized that, in addition to coverage, participation may be wider. I can use our information resource to creating any large-scale and interesting things. And I hope, useful.

What would you like to wish to advise your colleagues from other sites? How important media is not to remain aloof from the problems of the residents of the city?

— Colleagues, I wish not to be afraid and to bring ideas to life. Many, as it turns out, happy to participate and help. And in the end it turns out that some rather big number of people gathered together and did something good for the city and ourselves, a since the city is the people!

heroes of the photo project

From I’d like to add that we truly admire such a touching and important social project. We wish the authors further success, heroes - a speedy recovery, and all our colleagues - inspiration to create such useful and talented materials!

Stadnik Irina