The next year is coming to an end, and traditionally our company is summing up the results of the network of sites.

than Do you remember this year for our readers, colleagues and partners? how City portals developed in 2017? What achievements can we rightfully proud?

About all this - in a selection of infographics about the CitySites network of sites.

In 2017, we published the most interesting and relevant news.


In December 2016, we opened our online university. Over the year, his students were sales managers, journalists and network partners. This is the largest database of knowledge, experience, cases and documents. on working with the CitySites product.


City portals have been actively developed due to a large number of tools for advertising.



We continued to expand the geography of the CitySites network in 2017 and increase our popularity among the population.




Our partners achieved victories and broke records!



And we also released the most resonant and interesting special projects and projects, that helped people, Rejoiced at the success of our colleagues, completely updated the online platform, launched several experimental sites with new features.

We thank all our partners and customers for this successful year spent together!