on today, YouTube has become not only the leading platform for watching videos, but also a powerful search and social network. In an era of active development video marketing business sooner or later decides to create own video channel. At the initial stage, it is necessary to study a number of issues that can largely determine the starting position of a new YouTube channel.

Representatives SMEs often have fears associated with promoting products or services through videos. The main ones are:

- fear of the camera, as a result of self-doubt and lack of experience;

- fear of publicity and responsibility, which impose restrictions on demeanor and social life;

- fear of competition, due to uncertainty about the business position in the market;

- fear of criticism, including negative comments and reviews;

- fear of wasting money and time for nothing.

Preliminary preparation will help to avoid mistakes in the future and overcome existing fears.

Where to start creating a YouTube channel for your business?

First The question that should be answered by the owner or head of business: what and for whom to shoot? You need to know your product and target audience, its interests, what needs the product satisfies. Understand the nuances process, how the buyer or client makes the choice of a brand. The ideas and topics of the content depend on this - educational, expert, entertaining, incentive to action.

If you can’t immediately answer the question about the target audience, it makes sense to analyze your customers.

Next, decide who will shoot the videos and keep the video channel:

1) business on its own;

2) an outsourcing company is an advertising, digital agency.

Will the business be able to independently fulfill all the tasks for the development of the video channel?

Please note that the YouTube channel is a long-term project . It requires constant frequency of new videos, availability the necessary hardware, software, charismatic presenters and a team that can create high-quality video.

If you release a couple of videos a year, then there will be no return. If the channel will start to gain momentum, will form its audience, and then on it new videos will stop appearing - they’ll forget about the channel, and start all over again. The situation can be compared with physical training: if you take a long break in class, you need to get in shape again almost from scratch.

It’s worth determining the goals of the video channel. How will it go promotion, with what tools? Use the brain method assault. Feel free to recruit as many staff as possible for discussion of the problem.

Except It’s also worth identifying the goals of the YouTube channel. How will it go promotion, with what tools? Brainstorming is required. AND feel free to get as many staff as possible to discuss tasks.


What does it take to make your first YouTube video?

  1. Develop a content plan for a few clips ahead.
  2. Choose a team of performers.
  3. Write a script for the shoot.
  4. Install equipment and software (camera, sound recording source, background, lighting).
  5. Test the technique and shooting conditions.
  6. Take a picture.
  7. Mount a video.
  8. Make a description and cover art for the video.
  9. Share the video on the network.
  10. Answer questions in the video comments.

Remember to add a YouTube tag to your site’s footer.

What benefits does a business get from a video channel?

Videos solve complex tasks to promote the business and brand in online space. For example, the city website has a full-fledged video channel helps:

- expand the reach of the target audience;

- increase the level of trust of the site’s editors;

- to attract residents of the city who do not like to read news and articles;

- increase traffic to the city website;

- increase the image of the urban media and the loyalty of its visitors;

- get an additional source of profit (channel - a platform for advertising);

- create communication, interactive communication and community with city residents.

Attract new subscribers - a direct feature of the YouTube channel. Among them are the most loyal channel viewers who watch videos, like, Comment and share videos. They bring new subscribers and increase the time for watching videos on the channel as a whole, thereby helping to increase the frequency of delivery to YouTube.

Beginner’s Final Tips

  1. Create quality content. It’s useful, interesting for the target audience, differs in originality, does not carry deception. Example: goo.gl/ohWKHu - channel about original gifts Vat19.
  2. Attract to cooperation already held video bloggers. They can do it right behave in front of the camera and beautifully promote products. Example: goo.gl/WnBGKt - through the video log through ".
  3. Take away attention to the design of the channel. Unified style of the main page, banner, video covers - attract the audience and make the videos recognizable. Example: goo.gl/rzdcdY - a channel about technology and electronics Comfy.ua.
  4. Create community with the target audience. People want to get involved and interact, feel meaningful. Actively respond to questions, talk about future content, have personal meetings with by subscribers. Example: goo.gl/fvJrD2 - channel about gadgets Keddr.com.
  5. Be ready for negative comments, the so-called dislikes and hats, who are more likely to leave networks than positive reviews.
  6. Use more sites to publish videos. Not only YouTube, but also Facebook. This will give more views.
  7. Work above the title of the video. It must be understandable as well as adaptable. under the search queries of the audience. For example, if you shot a video about choosing gold earrings for a girl, the name should be something like this: "How to choose gold earrings for a girl for a gift."
  8. If If you’re going to invest in equipment for shooting, immediately think about how to you can earn extra money. For example, one of our partners acquired a drone for filming (we showed video examples ), and began to make commercial videos for the site video for business.

Good luck!

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