In the era of mass distribution of gadgets, we want to get the necessary information, as quickly as possible, and in a convenient way. CitySites' mobile city application provides such an opportunity. In fact, this is the same site of a particular city with its full functionality that is installed on a smartphone or tablet. Suitable for two platforms - iOS and Android.

CitySites mobile application is useful for: 1) residents of the city;
2) for tourists and travelers.

Resident of the city
At the disposal of the user 11 information sections of the mobile application for a specific city. For convenience of description, we conventionally combined these sections into four groups, given the similarity of their purpose.


1. "News"
This is the section of the same name, thanks to which the user monitors events that occur in the city. Here are collected news of a different nature, both together and by category.

In the "Settings" there is a function to set an alert through push notifications of new and important news that are published. You can select the interval for automatic news updates.


2. "Poster", "Leisure", "Photo reports"
All three sections relate to recreation and options for spending free time. In the "Poster" the user will find the schedule of events for the selected date by category: cinemas, clubs, concerts, theaters, museums, restaurants, etc.

Photo reports contain photos from individual events and institutions.

The Leisure section includes business cards of organizations that offer different places where and how interesting it is to relax. The user views the organization by type of leisure, and in the rubrics themselves - by rating, closest location, or generates a search query. There is a function “Call”.


3. "Enterprises", "Information", "Weather"
The "Enterprises" section allows you to find a company through the search bar or thematic sections and subheadings (according to specialization). In subheadings, the user searches for a company by rating, nearest location or on a map.

"Reference" - a database of state and municipal institutions, divided into sections and areas of the city. In two sections, the user can directly call the selected organization.

From the "Weather" section you can find out weather conditions, air temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure for today and for the week ahead.


4. “Auto”, “Real Estate”, “Work”, “Announcements”
Four sections are bulletin boards where the user creates his own (for free and for a fee) or finds the necessary ones. They differ in subjects:

  • Auto - car sales ads;
  • "Real Estate" - ads for the sale / purchase or rental of apartments and houses;
  • "Work" - vacancies and resumes by field of activity;
  • "Announcements" - sale / purchase of various products and services by subject headings.

In all sections there is a description of the goods, photographs, contact information and the “Call” function.


To a city guest
For a tourist or a traveler who has visited a city for the first time, a mobile
application from CitySites will allow:

1) through the “News” section learn about current events and incidents;
2) in the “Poster” choose where to go - cinema, performance, concert, exhibition;
3) in the “Leisure” section select a hotel, where to stay, places where you can eat and have a good rest;
4) in the "Enterprises" section, find shops, shopping centers, taxi services, pharmacies, medical facilities, etc .;
5) in the " Reference "- state institutions where to apply for help or information.
6) through the section" Real Estate "to rent an apartment or a house.

Among the additional functions of the mobile application that are useful to any user are the ability to log in via Facebook, Vkotakte and Google+. If desired, the user can leave comments in sections, as well as enable / disable the display of other people's comments in the news.

CitySites mobile app takes into account the needs of users for different content. Its interface greatly simplifies the search for the required information. Install the application and keep abreast of the life of the city, where you live or where you came to stay.

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