Keeping track of brand mentions on the Internet has become a necessity, as companies are actively promoting their products and services online. This is part of reputation management aimed at building customer and customer loyalty. You need to not only know what positive and negative reviews a brand or company has, but also respond quickly to them.

We have prepared a selection of 10 services for monitoring brand / company mentions in the network. There are free and paid options. The advantage of free ones is that you do not need to allocate a budget for their use, but their functionality is limited. Paid - provide a wide range of opportunities for tracking and analyzing online reputation, but create a separate item of expenses.

Free Services
1. Google Alerts


For the service to work, you need to create alerts:

  • enter the phrase (brand / company name) for monitoring;
  • select the frequency of sending (as available, once a day or once a week);
  • select a search source (blogs, news, internet);
  • set the language and country;
  • set the type of results (better, all results);
  • Specify Gmail where notifications will be sent.

2. Yandex.Blogs


Yandex tool allows you to search and view results online, without sending to the mail. Find mentions on social networks, blogs and microblocks other than Facebook. For an exact search, you need to specify the query, period, region and other parameters.

3. PromoPult SERM module


The PromoPult service is paid, but its reputation management module is available free after registration. The module automatically selects brand queries and finds sites on them, but not in the entire search results, but only in the TOP-20 of Google or Yandex. Using the color scale, you can divide the positive, negative and neutral reviews, trace the tonality and build the corresponding chart.

4. Babkee


The service provides the ability to collect references for free, subject to preliminary registration. The tool monitors social media and shows the number of posts by entered key phrases. Allows you to manually distinguish them by tone, and then - analyze the results.

5. Socialmention


An English-language platform that searches over 100 social networks. Allows you to analyze the emotionality of references, keywords, sources, as well as export or receive results by e-mail.

Paid services
6. YouScan


One of the leading monitoring systems for Russian-language social media - social networks, forums, blogs, review sites, online media, including Telegram. Provides powerful functionality for deep analytics. There are no restrictions on the volume of stored and processed data.

7. IQBuzz
The service processes information from more than 10 thousand online media and social networks, including video hosting sites. Provides connection at the request of new sources, control of duplicate messages, a detailed search by history.

8. Brand Analytics
Brand Analytics
The service monitors all publications in social and traditional media, on Russian and world Internet sites, including Telegram. The system analyzes the found mentions by dozens of signs.

9. SemanticForce
The service tracks direct and indirect references in social media and online media (over 250 thousand publications from 150 countries). More than ten search filters and twenty analytical reports are available.

10. Crimson Hexagon
Crimson Hexagon
English-language platform from developers from the USA. Monitor mentions in social media, including images. Estimates trillions of messages in real time.


The above services are not an exhaustive list Paid online company reputation tracking options. When choosing a tool, it is worth considering the monitoring goals. Free services are easy to use, although imperfect. Paid systems will be useful to large companies with well-known brands, the mention of which is constantly appearing on the network.

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