CitySites develops a network of urban sites in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Portals network CitySites designed to be not only as informative as possible, but also interesting. FROM To this end, they provide useful and practical content. For the most Hot topics are created by special projects and headings.

We selected 20 examples of interesting and unusual special topics on various CitySites city sites.

1. “Transferred to Your Own"
Journalist Roman Boyko creates reports about situations or events in which I personally participated. They relate to everyday issues familiar to every resident of the city of Khmelnitsky.

2. "Good news"
News is published in the section about the life of the city of Slavyanka, indicating positive trends. Such news cheer up, form a friendly attitude.

3. “Important about health”
In the site section Uzhgorod collected news from the healthcare industry on important topics affecting residents of the city. Timely announced information not only helps to take precautionary measures, but also can save lives.


4. "Top from 057"
A specific section where top ratings on various issues are submitted, interesting residents of Kharkov. Thanks to the already done analytical work of journalists, the user saves time searching and sorting information.

5. "Concrete Jungle"
The unusual name refers to the news on The theme of construction and architecture in the capital of Ukraine. The question of the development of Kiev is one of the most urgent and problematic for residents of the city.

6. "Briefly and on the topic"
Articles of the section are short and relate to the main events in the life of Kiev. Thanks to this, the user spends the minimum amount of time to keep abreast of what is happening in the city.


7. "Old New Dnieper"
The special column submits materials about the historical places of the city of the Dnieper associated with famous personalities or events. The articles tell significant facts about what has changed and what this area looks like today.

8. “Cava with a deputy”
A fascinating special project of the Lviv site on communication with local deputies on topics relevant to residents of the city. In an informal atmosphere, people elected find useful facts.

9. Petitsії
Specialization of the rubric - announcement of collective offers and requests of residents of Lviv addressed to the municipal authorities. These petitions are related to various directions to improve the level and comfort of life of Lviv residents.


10. Investigations 0629
The section summarizes the results of investigations of Mariupol journalists from those areas life of the city where a lot of money is involved. The articles are voluminous, with numerous facts, photo and video materials.

11. SOS Ecology
A good example of a special project on relevant, vital topic for the residents of the city. The section covers news on the environmental situation in Mariupol, one of the worst in the country.

12. “Inspiring stories of the Cossacks who opened their own business
The name of the column speaks for itself. It publishes articles on successful entrepreneurs of Zaporozhye. The stories of working small and medium sized companies can be inspirational examples for aspiring businessmen.

13. "Test drive of Zaporizhzhya catering"
The section contains reviews of restaurants and cafes of Zaporozhye. Articles are colorful and informative, texts are accompanied by a large number of photos.

14. "Dog House RND"

Site heading Rostov-on-Don is dedicated to our lesser friends. Special attention is paid to the situation with stray animals.

15. "Formation of a comfortable urban environment"

A new special project of the Novoshakhtinsk city website dedicated to the federal program of the same name, in which the city residents independently, by voting, choose public areas that will be landscaped.


16. "My GOROD - Nizhnevartovsk!"
The special project was organized jointly with the municipal government, within which the editors of the site of Nizhnevartovsk accepts and announces the appeals of city residents related to non-compliance with the rules of improvement

17. "Provincial Blog"
Journalist Roman Efimov is heading to format of the blog and writes articles on specific topics of concern to both him and other residents of the city of Maykop.

18. "Your right"
In the section of the site of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk The latest news on legal and legal issues. Familiarization with such articles can significantly facilitate the life of an ordinary resident of the city.

19. "Wanted in Grodno"
The eloquent name of the heading of the site Grodno helps to understand her specialization. News about wanted criminals and missing people of the city is published here.



20. "Where to go"
The special project of the Almaty site relates to the theme of leisure and entertainment. The section contains various announcements where a resident and a guest of the city can relax, where to go to spend an exciting time this month.

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