World business is full of not only serious and important points. Here is often funny things happen, which are spoken about the whole world. Various interesting and funny facts about entrepreneurs will give cause for thought, an impetus to development and the birth of new brilliant ideas. Or they will simply surprise you and make you smile in the middle of the work day.

Facts about the days of the week



1. Scientists proved that Monday is a difficult and difficult day. According to research, good performance on this day lasts no more than 3 hours. After the activity is rapidly tending to zero.

2. The most active and productive day of the week is Tuesday. Leave on this day the most important things that require maximum attention.

3. Talking with your superiors about salary increases or other awkward moments is best on Wednesday.

Facts about online resources

1. The world famous Wikipedia site, which is used around the world, is almost the only Internet resource of this scale, functioning without ads.

Image: www.designcontest.com/
2. Online stores appear daily in all countries. Some of they are closed, not having time to sell a single product, others seek great success. The largest online store in the world is Amazon. Guess how many products are bought here per hour? Per minute? You will be surprised but the number of registered orders is approximately 160 every second!

3. Registering trademarks is very important. Especially if your millions of people use the services. So, the creator of the social network Facebook Mark Zuckenberg registered not only the name of the network, but and additional trademarks: “face”, “book”, “poke”, “wall”, "Like."


Airline Facts

1. American Airlines American Saves 40 thousand dollars, excluding just one olive from the salads offered in business class.

Image : www.purpose.co.uk/

2. But Virgin Atlantic Airlines makes huge discounts to its customers, if they have to wait for a telephone support response more 18 seconds Surely, each client is a little upset if the operator answers him faster than in 18 seconds.


McDonald's Facts

1. The largest chain of fast food restaurants receives the main profit not from burgers and cheeseburgers, but from drinks sold.

Image : http://superepus.com/

2. So that visitors quickly eat their food and make room for the following customers, fast music is playing at McDonald's. Subconsciously, people begin to rush. This technique is used in other fast foods.

3. In 2010, McDonalds became famous as the most heartless and strict. the employer, having fired 155 people during the year. Never guess for what! Workers were fired for giving leftover food to the homeless.


Other interesting facts about famous brands

1. "Volkswagen" is translated from German as "people's car." The company is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. But not that interesting. It is noteworthy that this company owns such supercar brands like: Lamborghini, Bugatti, Bentley. Also car concern Volkswagen owns car brands Porsche, Ducati and Audi.

Image: http://ww3.onvacations.co/

2. World famous brand Louis Vuitton never holds sales. If you see Louis Vuitton selling out in the store, know - You are offered a fake. After all, the company simply burns all unsold things.

3. Many people remember the unpleasant sensation that arises if by chance step on the detail of the constructor "Lego". For all time of existence the company has produced so many designers that at the moment on each person on the planet has about fifty details.

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