Children are of interest to marketers for three main reasons:

  • Any advertising creates the habits of children as a consumer. Children subconsciously accustom to certain brands at a very young age;
  • Children have an influence on parents in the issue of purchases of certain goods;
  • Many children have pocket money. Accordingly, they themselves can make purchases.

for in order for advertising to be very successful, you must adhere to some rules. Especially if you are counting on children and their decisions. The basic rules depend on the age of the young consumer.

Age Periods

Age periodization is an important aspect not only in terms of marketing research, but also in many other issues related to children. Marketers distinguish three important age periods of the child, interesting with point of view of advertising products and services:

  • 1-3 years;
  • 3-7 years old;
  • 7-11 years old.


After 11 years, the child shows interest in advertising at the same level as an adult.

1-3 years

in at such a young age, the kid learns the world with the help of his parents and other adults. During this period, the child considers everything they like own things. All parents know the tantrums of kids in stores when they are not allowed to take the toy they like. These tantrums are quite natural and can cause severe stress in the child.

Manufacturers toys and other items designed for the age of the buyer 1-3 years, have done a lot of research. They found that children are attracted large items that can be hugged, squeezed, and also folded one another. When it comes to the production of sweets and other edible goods for such a young child, you need to rely on the parent a child. After all, when the baby asks to buy, a caring mother, father, elder brother, grandmother look at the composition of the product. It is important that he be safe for baby's health.


Do the emphasis on advertising for children's products up to 3 years old makes little sense. After all, the child does not yet perceive it from the TV screens or newspapers. It is important to make every effort on a colorful and attractive product. directly at its creation. In this case, it is better to focus not for children, but just for mothers of small children.

3-7 years

in At this age, the child takes an active part in the life of his family: he talks, begins to read, remembers important and interesting information. Counting on good sales of goods for children this age category, it makes sense advertising on television. Child is a great manipulator at this age. As show marketing research, many children are asked to purchase goods from video clip. More than a quarter of parents agree to this and acquire product.


To to interest the baby, it is important to show bright colors and positive plot. The child will be attracted by interesting slogans promising give him joy and positive. Advertising on the eve will be of great benefit. New Year, when children look and ask to buy, and parents just think about what gift to please the child.

7-11 years old

in this period, the child is fully formed personality. He starts explore the world on their own, shows interest in new and attractive things. He remembers various brands and dreams of having one or another thing, gets the first pocket money and spends it instantly. IN At this age, children imitate their peers and adults. For example, many parents are familiar with the situation when a child comes from school and asks him to buy a certain product only because this product appeared at a classmate.


С For 7 years, children try to be cooler, stand out from their peers. They want to be like adults. It is important to remember that from 8 years old children cease to believe in the realism of fictional characters. For example, if at 7 years of a child will be attracted by advertising any toy or other product with involving cartoon characters, then at 8 years old the situation is changing. FROM This age of the child will be more interested in advertising in which his peers or children are a couple of years older.

in At this age, you must consider the benefits for parents in advertising. After all children's interests change very quickly, but a profitable thing (low price or direct benefit) will attract not only children, but also their moms and dads. Probability purchases will increase significantly.



Wo Many countries have strict restrictions on children's advertising. Carefully study these points so as not to receive large fines or other punishments. And also be guided by moral standards. Not use in videos and other types of children's advertising:

  • Violence and cruelty;
  • Dangerous situations, fear;
  • Stressful moments;
  • Taunting the weak or making fun of looks.

All these moments can bring up not the best qualities in a child. Because he at a young age absorbs any information like a sponge.


In the afterword

When When creating a product and its advertising, be sure to study the target audience. If you produce products for children, remember the simple rules and research results from many marketers. Consider the age of the child, for which you create the product. And most importantly - teach children in advertising only good.

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