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Every ever dreamed his show on TV. Millions of spectators. The soffits. Camera. More precisely the phone. With the launch of Instagram TV our dreams become a reality on 20 June 2018. IGTV is a platform for viewing and download video length from 15 seconds to 60 minutes. The developers intended the application in which the broadcast can be scheduled, just like the transmission on TV. This format will help users not to miss your esters and wait for them in the usual time, as the evening news.

When you just go into Instagram TV appears "snease" screen like if there is no signal, and then starts stream from the section "For You".


"Snease" screen

Classic instagram feed is filled with posts of accounts which have signed man, the philosophy TV site is a little different. Intelligent tape selects the results based on user interests and mixes with records subscription tab "For you". And in the second place, you can switch to the tab "Subscription", which will fully the filtered content.


the Order of ranking of information

To to share posts, create your own channel. "Mobile TV" unique that welcome video in a vertical format. About it the developers openly say when registering a channel.


login Window

Movie Requirements:

  1. MP4 format;
  2. The minimum size is proportional to 4: 5;
  3. The maximum size is proportional to 9:16;
  4. The maximum "weight" of a file lasting up to ten minutes is 650 MB;
  5. The maximum "weight" of a file up to 60 minutes is 5.4 GB.

Posts You can download in horizontal format, but they do not look very concisely. If we talk about additional features, then among them: cover for the video, clickable links in the description, the ability to share content on your page in FB.

There are and small restrictions. Watch clips can be uploaded to the platform only with the desktop version. Only proven untwisted accounts are allowed to share hourly records. For "normal" pages the way to increase the time for content lies through popularity - than the more likes, shares and comments, the more popular the content and the it can be longer in the future. One account can be only one TV channel is attached.


How to use "mobile TV for business

The rhetorical question “Why IGTV companies?” We will not consider. In the initial conditions, we accept what is needed. AND the company is prepared for the fact that the information in this channel will be unique and interesting to potential customers.

TV in Instagram is another point of contact with people that will help them to decide to buy your product or not. At the time of writing articles in Instagram TV has no ads and has not yet invented a scheme of monetization video. Everyone is waiting for. This is an understandable practice, started FB. Therefore, in Insta-sales in a new venue at the forefront influencer. Bloggers and influencers who have many followers you need. Now they poreklamirovat your product, not just telling about it in the post, but showing how they use it.


If you want to tell more about your proposal, lay out instructions, life hacks, reviews of new products. And don't forget to put a link to the store where you can buy your product. Cool will work for reviews buyers and the actual shooting process. For example, for restaurant, you can remove the chefs preparing the food, leaving no doubt its quality and sanitary atmosphere of the kitchen. For the beauty industry actual filming of disinfection of manicure tools, process the wizard and the opinion of satisfied clients.

In every activity important result that can be measured. So, in your TV from IG you will be able to track:

  1. the
  2. Number of views; the
  3. Likes and comments; the
  4. Hold the user's attention. At what minute people start off recording.

List not as big as I would like, but for initial evaluation enough. When the platform will be commercial, analytical framework, most likely expand.


IG’s mobile television has one significant plus with respect to annoying ads on the usual air or on YouTube. This is the cost video clip. It is many times lower than in other channels. To create ads on TV you can not do without a director, cameraman and actors. For creating a decent advertising review for YouTube - a good camera, microphone and shine. And for IGTV only a smartphone and the less effects you add, the people will have more confidence in you. Dare and remember what you dreamed about.

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