Automation and improving the comfort of life is a trend in a rapidly changing world. People come up with voice assistants, robotic vacuum cleaners and virtual reality. Some inventions based on artificial intelligence (AI) have already become familiar to us. Chatbot is one of them.

Program "Communicates" with the user and answers in text or voice format. You can say smart "answering machine." For simple applications, that work based on the rules. There is a list of commands, sending them the person receives the answer. Artificial Intelligence Bots look “more natural” and can self-learn in the process of “communication” with by user. Robots are connected to messengers such as Telegram and FB Messenger


Who studied what

Chatbot, like an employee, he can do different jobs. It all depends on Why is the company needed? Some provide information on request: weather forecast, exchange rates, available flights or hotels. The essence of their work in operational search for certain information. To the “other” questions that not laid in his base, he will not be able to answer.

If function of the bot to entertain, then with it you can play text games or quiz. He will count your points and compare with the points of others participants. Accordingly, he will not pick up a train ticket for you. BUT assistants made on the basis of artificial intelligence will multifunctional. But they have one caveat. AI is based on self-learning algorithms that learn from some kind of story. If a the history is distorted, the bot will not work correctly.

The most interesting developments are business assistants. Programs help transfer business operations to familiar communication environments of people. Want to find out where your package is - plug in @novaposhta_bot, urgently needed convert * doc to * pdf - ask @topdf_bot.


@ novaposhta_bot

in Telegrams can search for products from AliExpress, Ebay and Amazon simply by connecting chat bots. They are convenient to use if you have a large flow. customers or have a list of frequently asked questions.

Where is the money? Resource Saving Money

why I have an “answering machine” in the messenger, you ask, if there are operators and managers who already give answers to all questions. It turns on cost saving.

The first argument. Work such an “answering machine” is free, he has no days off, holidays, he does not get tired and is not rude. And accordingly, you save on payment overtime and don’t worry about the reputation of the company.


Second argument.
Robotic "Employees" always answer, they cannot help but see the message or forget to unsubscribe to customer. Loyalty grows with sales.

Third - employees have more time to solve non-standard tasks. The quality of work is growing, and customers will often be satisfied with the service.

Give two

Make chatbot for business, which is based on the rules, not very difficult. Even if you don’t know anything about programming. For this There are special services like Manybot, ManyChat, and FlowXO. Them the interface is designed so that you do not see the code part, but simply Fill in the required fields, as on the site designer.





Checklist for creating a robot in Telegram and FB Messenger:

  1. Chatbot should be helpful. This is the most important condition. If it complicates life to the user, nothing profitable will come of it.
  2. Decide for what purpose do you need a robot. For example, he can send out advertising suggestions or answer frequently asked questions.
  3. See how similar programs work. Decide what you like and what not.
  4. Select “tone of voice”. Decide in what style your messages will be written so that the user is pleased to read them.
  5. If this is an information chatbot, determine the frequency of messages so as not to overload people.
  6. Make sure the robot is comfortable to use. Make additional buttons or, conversely, simplify navigation.


If you need a multifunctional program in which, for example, the ability to select an item, add it to the basket and pay for the order leaving the messenger. It is worth consulting with professional developers, if you feel that you lack background knowledge. After all, if you make mistakes in financial transactions or incorrectly place an order, then the damage will be more than good. Yes, and loyalty Buyer will not be added. Understand and remember that a comma happens very important.

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