Is is different. One imposes unnecessary stereotypes. The other, too embellish the properties of the product. In the third show, "unreal" people, who are doing nonsensical things and it looks frankly stupid. As a consequence, does not increase sales, brand loyalty, and even just annoying people.

to Completely give up communication is impossible. The objectives of the business it does not promote. Need to find a compromise. It is that advertising in the usual sense, "vparivaet" product to the customers, not understanding, need it or not. The main thing to sell. With this approach, almost it is impossible to build with clients long-term relationships.


"Plastic people" in commercials

Separate place in the "bad" policies are "plastic people". You just know. They have perfect teeth and hair, they smile from ear to ear expressing insincerity. Or scared "mosquito" more end of the world, selling "tablets from mosquitoes." Such characters are not credible and when I look at them I think: a "Seriously? Insects is it really scary?". And you don't believe them. And they're not buy these "remedies", because not experience such a "terror of tiny squeaking beings."

Such people in commercials and prints are not taken seriously and accordingly, do not form emotional connections between customer and product. And no communication, no sale. Do not take primitive photographs from drains. They are used by many companies and in the end, "smiling guy" becoming a courier, then a banker and then finds a job cooks on advertising site for employment. Advertisers think people do not notice. But it's not.


to Use images from wastewater, but try to choose the most realistic. In them, people don't look in the frame, the background in the photos is not Studio, and from "life", people like you, not dolls.

Need to differ with the mind

Deciding to run the ads, consider:

  1. the
  2. Than your product can be truly useful and to whom; the
  3. What problems your customers he decides; the
  4. The product and company apart from the competition;

what is unique about your proposal.

Not copy the competitors, do not try to impose, and the more "sell" your product, do not lie. These are the basic commandments of creating a "ereklamy". Its purpose to give people the benefit of and to help. Companies that use such strategy, play long. They are for genuine partnership with their customers.


avoid formulations like:

  • the
  • With: best, great, famous; the
  • Innovative, growing; the
  • Number 1 in the world, country, town; the
  • the Best product; the
  • Recognized by consumers.

Believe me, without them it will be really better.

What it is, "nerella" that sells?

do Not do advertising, do good and your product will buy, and company to love. Do not just believe at first, but the main thing once to try. Show people how useful your product is, how it will make their life more comfortable and see what will come to you themselves. After all buyers need care, they feel it. Everyone wants to took care of him.


Replace the obsessive: “buy a hammer” , with a friendly: “we will help hang the picture on the wall in the guest room” . Aggressive: “without our product, the apocalypse will come” , on the caring: “with us you will feel safe" . Make friends with your customers, value their time and money. Offer something what can help them achieve their goal. And see how they answer you brand commitment.

Try to be honest, open, and “real.” Do not embellish your proposal, but emphasize its uniqueness and benefit. Not Be imposed, and try to help. Speak with the audience on one language. Appreciate customers, this will return sales growth.

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